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Forensic Anthropology as a Career

No description

Becca Sloane

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Forensic Anthropology as a Career

What are Forensic Anthropologists?
Forensics Anthropologists are trained as physical anthropologists who are experts in bone analysis. They also analyze and identify the cause of death. They base their study offf of the examination of skeletal remains.
Education In order to reach the advanced level in forensic anthropology one must hold at least a Masters Degree. In order for a Forensic Anthropologist to practice they first need certification. The ABFA provides this by having tests and courses. Entry Level Advanced Level For the entry level most forensic Anthropologits hold only a PHD in Physical Anthropology with a focus on Osteology. PAY Entry Level Entry level posistion pay starts at;
$25,000 peaking at $30,000 Advanced Level Experienced prefessionals pay starts at:
$75,000 and peaks at $100,000 Definition Noun; The branch of physical anthroplolgy in which anthropological data, criteria and technigques are usd to determine the sex,age, gender population of parcentage of skeletal or biological materials in question of criminal law. ABFA stands for American Board of Forensic Anthropology. This was formed in 1977 for the interests of the public and for advancement in science. This is a program for certification in forensic anthropology. Most Forensic Anthropologists work out of universities. This means that they are a professor who teaches Physical Anthropology and only works cases some of the time. Would I BE A FORENSIC ANTHROPOLOGIST? I would be one for the pay but for no other reason. The study of bones doesn't really interest me, and it seems to be like a very seldom job. It seems like it takes a lot of work to become a Forensic Anthropologist and the job isn't really ongoing. Cites http://www.theabfa.org/



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