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Angelin Augustine

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of QUEEN MARY 1- TUDOR

Who is She? Mary I was the first Queen Regnant, the eldest daughter of Henry Vlll and Katherine of Aragon. She was named after Henry's favourite sister, Mary Tudor. Mary 1 was born on Monday 18th February 1516 in Greenwich Palace and she died on 17th November 1558 (aged 42). She was buried in Henry Vll's chapel, Westminster Abbey. Elizabeth (Mary's sister), inherited the throne after her death.
Mary came to the throne after contesting the short reign of the uncrowned Lady Jane Grey, (granddaughter of Mary Tudor who had been named by Edward V1's successor) A few more facts... Created By Angelin Augustine Conclusion Overall I think Mary didn't have a lasting impact on England and many see her reign as a failure. I think she was insignificant leader in England' s history and her short reign is rather an unsuccessful view from the reference I have found after my research. Mary 1 used her power in a negative way and she thought it was for the greater good of her country, although in the process she took innocent lives, nobody, no matter how ‘monstrous’ they are deserved to be killed because of the decisions and dreams of somebody else, she is a bad powerful influence in my opinion and she destroyed her image as queen, she lost the love of her people for a dream she could never enforce.
Mary could have been a successful mother than a queen so England did not appreciate Mary's reign.
Many reasons that changed Mary's life and character included the bitter divorce between her mother, Catherine of Aragon and King Henry VIII. Her own status turned her into a bitter woman, her mission to return England to the Catholic faith turned her into a fanatical and obsessive woman. All of these events changed her looks and her health.
Finally my opinion on Mary's success on throne is she was unsuccessful during her reign but some may say that historians show biased theories because her father killed over 72000 but she only killed nearly 300 for the sake of her religion but Mary is known to be evil and bloody and Henry is considered a star. Had she been born a boy, it is likely that the whole of English history would have been different. Star or Monster STAR OR MONSTER QUEEN MARY 1 Lady Jane Grey Mary Tudor (Henry's sister) Was her reign successful? Mary enjoyed riding , hunting and liked to be painted with her Italian Greyhounds. Musical Mary played the virginals , regals and lute.
Mary was well educated, she could read Greek ,Latin, Italian, French and Aragonese Spanish.
Mary married Philip of Spain, this made her unpopular and they had no children.
Mary was short and slender, rosy-cheeked with large hazel eyes. She had golden, bright auburn hair.
Mary was a committed Catholic and vowed to return England to Rome and Catholicism. Mary reunited the English Church with Rome and in 1555 banned English translations of the Bible.
But does this make Mary successful? STAR OR MONSTER? She burned 300 protestants most famously Thomas Cranmer, the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Leading to an unpleasant nickname "Bloody Mary" earned from her mission to make England a Catholic.
Famines during her 5 years on the throne which led to revolts.
She tried to reform the currency, but that failed
She lost Calais, the last English hold in France.
Poor Mary had family problems, illness, suffered from phantom pregnancies, a loveless marriage and was used as a problem by the government and the church.
She wanted to create a strong alliance between England and Spain. The alliance did not survive her death.
She wanted to start colonies in the New World but couldn't find the financial resources.
Mary married the Spanish king Phillip II, and that was highly unpopular.
She wanted to weaken the alliance between Scotland and France but her efforts failed.
She wanted to pass along the throne to a child of her own but never gave birth to a live child and her last "pregnancy" turned out to be cancer that killed her painfully.
Mary kept the glamour of Tudor succession.
She strengthened the position of Parliament by using it for her religious reasons.
She started the female authority of the Crown.
She restored and strengthened the structure of the Church.
She maintained the Navy and reformed the militia.
She believed that she was saving her soul from hell by burning the protestant community and many people were prepared to die for their faith often called martyrs.
Was successful for Catholics when she came into power and bought back the Catholic religion.
Priests were not allowed to marry during Mary's reign. So now do you think Mary 1 was a successful queen? BLOODY MARY Bloody Mary
She earned the name Bloody Mary, which does not support her reign and show her succession. She earned this well deserved name because she wanted to make Roman Catholicism the religion of England and those who opposed her were executed and were burnt to death on a bonfire. Mary had killed 243- 300 Protestants during her reign. TThis name was first used by her contemporary, John Foxe (1517-1587). John Foxe (1517-1587) MARY 1 Many sources interpret and suggest Mary 1 has a very ugly nature and emotional character, this primary source clip shows great insight in Mary's life and her passion for catholic faith as she talks to Elizabeth (an admired beauty whom has charmed England with her character for~ protestant faith ) I personally think Mary 1 has a strong and is determined about her religion but her stubbornness stops her to be a queen the country would acknowledge. Although it is true Mary is overly imagined by historians. Mary was the least successful of all the Tudor rulers. She was 37 years old when she came to the throne. she had had an unhappy life- ignored by her father, Henry VIII, because she was a girl and hated by her step-mother, Anne Boleyn. She had been very lonely after her mother, Catherine of Aragon, died when she was 20. HerRoman Catholic religion was the most important thing in her life and she was determined to bring this on the country as a duty to God she believed that this would benefit England and the English. At the start of her reign she was very popular because she was Henry VIII's daughter and because she was replacing the hated Northumberland. .
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