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The Opposite Of Geek.

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jessica sukhai

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of The Opposite Of Geek.

The book I read for my ISU project was "The Opposite Of Geek" by Ria Voros.
Gretchen is really good in English and has a passion for poetry, however, she is failing grade eleven chemistry. Gretchen seeks for a tutor to help her improve her grade. That's when James and Dean rolls into her life. James is a chemistry geek who gets picked on at school and his cousin is Dean. They help Gretchen improve her grade and become best friends. Gretchen's life turns around and seems full of possibilities again.
Until one night James gets into a car crash and dies. Gretchen griefs for James and does not go to school for about a week. Gretchen feels miserable and believes that James's death is some what her fault because instead of letting him go home by himself after getting picked on at the bowling alley, Gretchen felt like she should of tell him to come along with Dean and her to the park. Gretchen must decide who she wants to be, what it means to be a true friend and the courage it takes to stand up for what matters. She final decides who she wants to be, what it means to be a true friend and the courage it takes to stand up for what matters.
This novel is about a girl in grade eleven named Gretchen Meyers who takes the courage to stand up for what matters most to her. As the book progresses, she starts to think that her life is beginning to suck because she starts to have bad days at school. For example, she gets wet by a car while walking to school, her chemistry grade is low and she loses her best friend Nemiah to the school swim team. Also when she gets home she has to deal with her annoying family. Especially her little sister.
By: Jessica.S
The Opposite Of Geek.
After, learning all these lessons from this tragic night, she uses her art to heal the community from the heartache of James's death. Gretchen stands up for what matters to her and reads a poem about James infront of the community at a fundraiser that is held for James which is a memorial in remembrance of him. Everyone is amazed at her talent for poetry which helped healed the community. Finally, Gretchen moves on with her life as a brand new chapter filled with more experiences still yet to face and learn.
As you may know the theme in this novel is to take courage to stand up for what matters to you. The author, Ria Voros, communicates her theme effectively by showing this in the main character as she stands up for what matters to her.
One way how the author demonstrates this is when Gretchen tells her parents what she wants to become. "I haven't wanted to be a doctor for about a decade. It was you who wanted me to be one." (pg.113) This quote explains that Gretchen is taking the courage to speak up and stand up for what matters to her which is telling her parents what she really wants to be.
Gretchen also stands up for her friend, James, by making posters. "I speak to no one, hunch over my computer, type, cut/paste, download and with all the artistic talent I possess, create” (pg.182). This shows that she is standing up for her friend by using her artistic talent to show everyone that James was a good friend because everyone knew him as geek and he was bullied at school. These are some reasons why I think the theme for this novel is to take courage to stand up for what matters to you. Thank you!
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