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Processes shaping mountain environments

No description

Sharna Kerr

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Processes shaping mountain environments

Comparison Activity
What is the same? What is different?
Processes shaping mountain environments
Glossary Hunt
Handout: Activity 8.3
Glacial Landforms
Textbook Activities
Page 198
Using page 211, complete the following activities:

1. find a word meaning 'slow-moving river'

2. unscramble: emnoira

3. find a word to describe a glacial landscape

4. define 'mass-movement' in your own words

5. find a word to describe a river valley

6. find another word for soil deposits

7. a word that rhymes with 'proposition'.
Glacial Landforms

1. Copy and Snip diagram 8.4.02 from page 211 and write a two sentence explanation of the diagram.
2. Knowledge and Understanding questions 1-4
Step 1:
Complete Question 1 individually on the handout

Step 2:
Complete Question 2 with a partner in your books.

Label your glacial landform sheet sing the next slide

Glue it in your book when finished
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