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07.02 Modern Warfare and Its Legacy: Assessment

No description

Akira Dawkins

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of 07.02 Modern Warfare and Its Legacy: Assessment

07.02 Modern Warfare and Its Legacy: Assessment
Tweet 1
The battle has just begun, and both Americans and Germans are wounded. I fear this battle will mark the beginning to a very bloody end.
Tweet 2
The battle has gotten more intense than before. Some of the people that I have had the pleasure of making their acquaintance with have been brutally murdered some even mutilated by German forces. Everywhere I look there is a dead body or remnants of it.
Tweet 3
Some of our men have been loosing faith in the final outcome of this war. But I stand true to God in leading me to victory in hopes of seeing my family again.
Tweet 4
I hate to admit it but I think I am coming down with something but it hasn't proved to be life threatening as of now. What I wouldn't do to have a nice home cooked meal from my beautiful mother. I am starting to miss my family a lot.
Tweet 5
Our General has finally seen that I am worthy enough to go join my fellow comrades in the trench. I have heard that the trenches smell of the rusty musk of dried blood and rotting flesh I am also very nervous for I fear that I may never return to my General to thank him.
Tweet 6
After experiencing the trench and making it out alive my message back home would be:
"Never think of war as something to be proud of, as I gaze into the eyes of men younger than me I realize that they are just as nervous and scared of never making it back home as I was and that at any time you could be the one laying lifeless on the cold hard ground as more blood is shed."
Tweet 9
It is a glorious time now that we have won the first half of this battle, more troopers are coming to our aid and now everyone is feeling the high of victory, for now that is.
As the long nights begin to roll around you can only hear the firing of bullets breaking the absolute silence that I crave. As I try to drift off into a comfortable slumber horrific images play through my head so instead I sketch to pass the time.
Tweet 8
Since the attack from the apposing forces failed this has given me and my comrades a boost of hope that we may be able to emerge victorious. This is just the boost that we need.
Tweet 10
The Hundred days of offense has commenced and I am hopeful that this will end the war. I just hope I will be able to live through this and I think I can.
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