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Uncoiling by Pat Mora

No description

Kamryn Smyre

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Uncoiling by Pat Mora

Uncoiling by Pat Mora

Figurative language
Tumbleweed skirt starts to spin.
The title Uncoiling is referring to the uncoiling of a tornado and the process of nature destroying things.
Biographical Information
Latina Poetry
We predicted that it would be about a storm.
The attitude of this poem is fearful, scared, and dangerous.
Within this poem, each stanza shifts from describing the tornado, describing the effects it has on people, to describing peoples reaction to the tornado.
Stanzas 1-3 describe the tornado "She sighs clouds, head thrown back, eyes closed, roars and rivers leap" (Stanza 2)
Stanza 4 describes the effect the tornado has on people.
"Spooks pale women who scurry to lock doors" (Lines 2-3)
Stanza 5 describes people's reaction to the tornado.
"They sing lace lullabies so their children won't hear" (Lines 14-15)

A tornado destroys everything it goes through.
Kamryn, JR, Tyzaiah, & Mackenzie
A former teacher
Award winning Latina author of poetry
Married to Vern Scarborough
A former university administrator, museum director, and consultant
We predicted this because it had a picture of a tornado behind the title.
Her uncoiling through her lips, howling leaves off trees, flesh off bones
Whirring into her raw skin like stars
boulders retreat like crabs into themselves
The theme of this poem is the destructive power of nature.
Works Cited

Uncoiling by Pat Mora Practice Hall Literature Book Penguin Edition Pg. 555
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