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The Battle of The Alamo

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Thorsten Rohr

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of The Battle of The Alamo

The Battle of The Alamo
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February 23, 1836 - March 1, 1836
A Quick Overview
On February 23, 1836, General Santa Anna's army surprised the Settlers at San Antonio by leading an army into the walls. William B. Travis personally went around to ask for defenders willing to defend the Alamo. A group of 32 were asked to step over a line if wanted to fight. All except one crossed the line.
Summary of Battle Events
The defenders saw the Alamo was the key, to the defense of Texas. For an average, about every defender that died, 16 mexican troops died. The Texans were only strong enough to hold up 2 attacks from General Anna's Army. On the 3rd final strike from Anna's army, the defenders couldn't hold up and The mexican general's army broke into the fort.
Alamo Location And Leaders
Mexican Leaders:
General Antonio
López de Santa Anna
Texas Leaders:
Davy Crockett
William B. Travis
James Bowie
Final Victors
In the end, General Santa Anna's Army pushed into the walls of the defenders. Then they would kill all defenders that were caught trying to hide or escape the area. The victory of the Spanish at the Alamo would be spread across Texas and would become the future slogan during the Revolution, "Remember the Alamo!"
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