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Big Joe's Funeral

No description

kamila garcia

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Big Joe's Funeral

Big Joe's Funeral
Big Joe:Owner of Big Joe's Bar-B-Que and Burger Restaurant. Lends money when needed and is known to be very friendly with everyone around the block.
Peaches: Daughter of Sadie. Dislikes Big Joe. Main antagonist. She's called a brat at times and is very rude, not to mention sassy. Hispanic. Around the age of 12.
No-name Narrator: A male who tells the story to the reader. Friends with Big Joe. This narrator is very calm throughout the story and rarely gets angry.
Summer,July 4th
Late 90's
Funeral Home
Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, NYC
Manhattan, Harlem 145 Street, NYC
Jackie Robinson Memorial Park
Big Joe's Bar-B-Que and Burger Restaurant
Point of View
The point of view for "Big Joe's Funeral" is that it is told in first person and by the no name narrator. this is proven because throughout the story you notice how the story is told by using the pronouns I, we, and me.
The conflict in the story is that Big Joe wants to have a funeral for himself so he can appericiate it, but Peaches is going to try everything she can to ruin it.
The story "Big Joe's Funeral" takes place on July 4th, NYC,145th Street, Harlem. Big Joe, a generous man who owns a restaurant, went to a funeral for a man called Freddy. Inspired by this, Big Joe wishes to have a funeral of his own expect, instead of Big Joe being dead, he'll be alive in his funeral, just so he can witness it. The plans are set and ready, but the only problem is that Peaches, Sadie's daughter, is going to try everything she can to ruin the funeral.
The first thing Peaches does to ruin the funeral is that she gathers her friends in front of the funeral and have huge signs that say 'Big Joe is not dead!', which made people confused. It was avoided when the people in the funeral went into the limousines. The second thing Peaches does to ruin the funeral is that when the people of the funeral go to Jackie Robinson Memorial Park, her and her friends play a rude song called " I'll Be Glad When You're Dead,You Rascal You!". The problem resolved when the police came and took them away for having the music way too loud and disrespect for a funeral. The third thing that Peaches does in attempt to ruin the funeral is that Peaches called the cops,during the after-party, and said that there were drugs in the coffin Big Joe was in. This problem was resolved when Chops called the cops and said it the drugs were in another coffin. In the end, the party continued and the no-named narrator went back home and his moms about what happened.
The theme of "Big Joe's Funeral" is don't let people stop you from doing things you want to do. One example from the story that supports the theme is that Sadie, Big Joe's girlfriend, tried to change Big Joe's mind about the funeral, saying he might actually die, but Big Joe said she was being superstitious and continued his plans about the funeral. A second example from the story that supports the theme is hat peaches kept trying to ruin Big Joe's funeral by telling people Big Joe is not dead, putting a rude song in park, and calling the police saying there were drugs in the coffin during the after-party,but that didn't stop the the people in the funeral from continuing the funeral and party.
Kamila Garcia
My connection with "Big Joe's Funeral" is that near the end of the story, the police came in the front of Big Joe's restaurant and everybody froze, going stiff and quiet, wondering what's happening with a bit of fear. I can make a connection to this because when I was in 5th grade in NYC, during the end of recess, when we began to line up, I saw my mom, who was a teacher at the school, conversing and walking towards her students with a cop. Everyone at recess froze up, wondering what happened, but we found but, the cop was my mom's friend who was visiting.
story by Walter Dean Myers
The character Peaches reminds me of a character named Trina from a show called "Grojband' for many reasons. The first reason why I find Peaches and Trina similar is because they both try to ruin their family's, or someone close, day. Like for example Peaches tries to ruin Big Joe's funeral and party by doing annoying and distracting things like big signs, playing music that's rude, and lying to the police that the party of Big Joe had drugs in there. Another example is that Trina would always try and ruin a gig of her brother and his band so she can see him give up and cry. The two are also similar because they both are antagonists.
Book Review
The story "Big Joe's Funeral" is a realistic fiction that has drama, conflict, and humor to it. The story takes place in the late 1900's in Harlem,NYC, in 145th Street. It's a hot July 4th and people are preparing themselves to go to Big Joe's funeral,expect Peaches. Why? It's because she wishes to ruin it for one reason, Big Joe isn't dead! I found this book to be interesting mostly because of how silly and original the plot is. This is because I usually don't see stories with someone who isn't dead throw themselves a funeral, so it stands out in my eyes. I also enjoyed how the author described the scenery and day because it made me feel like I was there like in the beginning of the story the author described how hot the day was and how people were on the fire escapes just to feel a breeze but couldn't find one. That detail made me feel as dry and almost hot as they were! I would recommend people to read this story.
Big Joe
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