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Pre-Presentation Guide

No description

Prezi Team

on 3 April 2017

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Transcript of Pre-Presentation Guide

Presentation Tips and Guidelines
You made it! It’s been a pleasure being able to work with you and we are thrilled that we got to help you along this journey. I know you’re going to rock it. So don’t even think about being nervous. But before you hit the stage, I've prepared a few tips to make sure your presentation goes as smoothly as possible.
Good luck and Congratulations!
Relaxation Tips
Download a Portable Prezi.
Here’s a quick how to on downloading a portable prezi.
This is a must! Portable prezis are awesome. They don’t need an internet connection to work, so if something happens to the Wi-fi, you will still have access to your presentation.
“I’m fit and well”
Remember, this is a presentation. No-one is going to physically hurt you!
Stay hydrated.
Have a glass of water before you go on stage. Don’t have too many, or you might want to rush off again.
You can also put them on a flash drive and hand them off to whoever is in charge of projecting your Prezi.
Say to yourself:
How do I create one?
It is natural to be a little nervous before getting on stage. But don’t worry, we know you are going to do great! Here are some tips to help you relax before your big moment.

Make sure you’re taking plenty of oxygen in at regular intervals
Relax yourself!
There are lots of ways to do this:
Think about all your muscles in your body.

Are some of them tense? If so, relax them.
Watch a funny video or something that always makes you giggle.
Take your mind off it. Have a laugh.
Here is a video of cat pushing another cat down some stairs to get you started...
Can't think of anything?
Take a brisk walk.
Shake it out!
Burn off your nervous energy by shaking your arms and legs.
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