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Christmas in Cuba and in the United States of America

Hope you enjoy my prezi and the music!

Kyle Gregory

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of Christmas in Cuba and in the United States of America

When it got started
The principle of gathering together as a family during this holiday is the same as in the United States. The main difference between the feast in Cuba and the feast in the United States is the food that is served. In the United States, the traditional dinner would consist of either a turkey or a ham served along with mashed potatoes, green beans, and other dishes that we are used to. Although there are other variations in food that is eaten in the United States. In Cuba, roast pig served with beans, rice, and plantains is common and what the people are used to serving. It can be seen through the food the different culture and resources available to Cubans and people in the United States. The food might be different but the concept of the family coming together is the same, families spend time together and enjoy the holiday in each other’s company.
Christmas & La Navidad
Christmas in Cuba and in the United States of America
Hope you enjoy my prezi on lesson 3.03
Celebrating the holiday
Here in the United States people celebrate Christmas by giving gifts and having friends and family over for a huge feast. In Cuba they celebrate Christmas with traditional fervor and revelry. Those who can afford it try to make a special meal and decorate their houses, and church-going Christians attend services.
Christmas for people in the United States has had Christmas as a holiday for many years it began when Jesus was born. But for Cubans They haven't always celebrated Christmas in 1969 Fidel Castro decided to end the holiday because hey thought it was interfering with the sugar harvest. But in 1997 Fidel Castro decided to restore the holiday to honor the visit of Pope John Paul II in the island.
Gathering together
people in the US celebrate Christmas by decorating trees and their houses with ornaments and lights. In Cuba they celebrate it by using what they have since Fidel Castro banned Christmas they never bought many lights they were afraid to hang any kind of lights up so when Fidel Castro unbanned Christmas no one had many lights even now they don't so if you were to go to Cuba you wouldnt see lots of lights on houses like you would see here in the USA.
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