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Paper Towns

No description

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Paper Towns

Paper Towns
By: John Green

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John Green.
Other books by this author:
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Point of View
This story is told in First person Participant.
It is told in the perspective of Quinton (Or 'Q' for short). Basically it outlines his take on all the events, his thoughts/ feelings, etc.
The word Paper Towns is used a lot through out the book. However is not talking about the towns made of paper, it is talking about the “fakeness” of a place with, “all those paper people living in their paper houses, burning the future to stay warm. All the paper kids drinking beer from some one who bought for them at the paper convenience store” (-Margo. Pg. 55 ). The entire usage of paper towns is to describe the fake world that they live in, and how much Margo hates living in it. But even though Margo is shown to hate “paper towns” she is eventually found in a literal paper town (Agloe); which means a place used on maps for copyright traps. Margo is found hiding there, away from everyone else.
She hated the fake towns and fake people that filled the life she held before. But in the end it was her who was fake and flimsy.
Part 1: Rising Action
To begin with, the first part of the story introduces you to all the characters and gives some background. The bulk of part 1 is about Margo and 'Q's' journey to get revenge on all those who have wronged Margo in the past couple of days (They also break into Sea World because Margo wanted to).
Part 2: Climax
After the epic quest Margo and Q go on that one night, Margo disappears. This isn't to out of the ordinary for her though. She usually leaves clues for her parents, but this time she leaves them for Q. It's up to him to decipher the clues and find her, before it's to late.
Part 3: Falling Action
After a long, agonizing, heart-wrenching time trying to find Margo, Q is about to give up on looking, in till he stumbles upon a clue that unlocks the whole mystery. Q and his 3 friends go on a long road trip to find Margo in a abandoned town just outside of New York.
“The town was paper, but the memories were not.”
The story takes place in a subdivision of Florida called Jefferson Park. Jefferson Park used to be an old navy base, but the navy didn't need it anymore so they returned it to the citizens of Florida. The citizens turned it into a subdivision named after Dr. Jefferson Jefferson.
To my knowledge, the story takes place in the spring time.
Characters :D
Dynamic Character
Quentin is an average high school senior who is getting ready to graduate, but
his last days in high school suddenly change when his friend Margo disappears. After
Margo runs away, Quentin becomes mentally worried and preoccupied with thoughts of
Margo regarding her whereabouts and safety.
Static Character
Chuck is a senior attending same school as Quentin who has bullied and
bothered Quentin since freshmen year. He is physically big so he uses his
physical powers as an advantage to over Quentin. His mental mind is simple and
is not the smartest in school, and his mental mind goes with the flow of whatever is happening around him
Round Character
Margo is Q's childhood friend. She has a habit of running away and leaving vague clues. Margo’s reasons for run away and relating herself to paper towns and being a paper girl reveals Margo’s inner self and her longings. In a way, she compares herself to being a paper girl to explain the hidden and mysterious side of her and the truth that lies within herself that only she knows.
Flat Character
Ruthie is Margo’s younger sister who helps Quentin and his friends as well as
Margo after getting paid. She is mentally simple because she is very young
and she is easily manipulated. Quentin and his friends go to Margo’s house to
look for clues and Ruthie tells them they can’t enter, but after asking for five
dollars and getting the money, she allows them to go in.
Personal Reflection
"Paper Towns" is a funny, engaging, eye-opening, thought provoking book. it had me pondering the way I look at other people. John Green is able to convey an interesting, mysterious novel. He creates characters that are believable and three-dimensional (especially Margo, who is never fully understood, which makes her all the more interesting). By far one of the best books by John Green (I have read them all..)
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