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cross cotamination

No description

gisela moron

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of cross cotamination

"Safe Kitchen, Safe Food" preventing foodborne illness (food poisoning) Most foodborne illness happens when food is
contaminated with harmful bacteria.
Bacteria is carried by people,insects and objects BACTERIA THAT CAUSES FOODBORNE
ILLNESS E.coli Salmonella found in raw or undercook
poultry and eggs found in raw or undercook ground meat, contaminated water, and unpasteurized milk Botulism caused by improper canned foods PRACTICE CLEANLINESS!
keep you hair out of the food.If your hair is long,tie it back wash your hands well before working with food and after using the restroom. use hot, soapy water to wash tools, cutting boards and other surfaces everytime your prepare food. wash the top of cans before you open them
use a separate spoon,not your fingers,for tasting food only once;wash it thorougly before using it again

use a tissue when you sneeze or cough, and turn away from the food, then wash your hands keep pets our of food preparation areas never allow cats to jump on countertops. avoid touching the eating surfaces of plates,flatware and glassware when you set the table
use only clean dishclothes,sponges, and towels for wiping dishes and other surfaces everytime you prepare food wash fresh fruits and vegetables thorougly under cold,running water
never taste or eat food from a
bulging or leaking can. these harmful bacteria can cause...

dry mouth
Stomach cramps.
Nausea and vomiting.
bloody diarrhea AVOID CROSS-CONTAMINATION ways to avoid cross- contamination make sure that your raw meat, poultry and fish are kept away from other foods at all times
wash everything that has come into contact with raw meat, poultry, and fish in hot, soapy water before using it again
place cooked food on a clean plate. Never use the same plate that held the raw food unless it has been washed this occurs when harmful bacteria
are transferred from one food to another you can avoid foodborne
illness by... you can also avoid food borne illness by.. keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold
thaw foods at proper temperature
and always cook meats thoroughly

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