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Multiplying and Dividing Scientific Notation

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Katie Reed

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Multiplying and Dividing Scientific Notation

(1.23 x 10⁷) / (3.6 x 10⁴)

*June needs help
on her scientific
notation homework
*Change due date
to Tuesday
Vocabulary You Need to Know
Scientific Notation

an easy way to write very large numbers or very small numbers

45,000,000,000 = 4.5 x 10^10
0.00000000000000068 = 6.8 x 10^-16

The number that is being multiplied by the exponent.

The exponent


3= Base

Guided Example (Dividing)
Maria is a wedding planner. For her client’s wedding she has to order 2.21x10⁷ bowls of Russian Caviar. This expensive caviar has to be evenly divided among the gluttonous wedding guests (I mean come on, it’s a wedding; people eat A LOT). There are 1.6x10⁴ wedding guests. How much caviar does each guest get?

How to solve problems such as these:
Step :

Set up your equation
Step :
(2.21 x 10⁷) / (1.6 x 10⁴)
Divide the first factors
2.21 / 1.6 = 1.38125
Step :
Subtract the exponents
7 - 4 = 3
Step :
Using those numbers
create the scientific notation.
1.38125 x 10^3
Step :
final Number is between 1 and 10!
Make sure that your
Voila! You're done!
Multiplying and Dividing Scientific Notation
By Katie Reed and Nandita Parekh
Algebra Notes
Multiplying Scientific Notation
Guided Example #1:
When multiplying scientific notation, multiply the first factors and add the exponents to find the power of 10.
Johnny had 5.92 x 10⁸ golden apples. He sold them for 9.23 x 10⁴ dollars each. How much would he make if he sold all his apples?
1. Write the equation
(5.92 x 10⁸) x (9.23 x 10⁴)
2. Multiply first factors
5.92 x 9.23 = 54.6416
3. Add exponents
8 + 4 = 12
4. Put into scientific notation
54.6416 x 10^12
5.Change to a number 1-10*
54.6416 x 10^12
5.46416 x 10^13 dollars total
*To make the number 1-10, move the decimal. However many places you move it is the number you add/subtract from the exponent.
Multiplying Scientific Notation
(Super Easy!)


But how do you divide? Oh, wait, I remember. When you divide scientific notation, you divide the first factors and subtract the exponents.
Now on to dividing!
It's too easy!
Multiplying Scientific Notation
A How-To
Step 1: Multiply First Factors
Step 2: Add Exponents
Step 3: Put into Scientific Notation format
Step 4: Make Sure it is Proper, and if it is, then

1.23 x 3.6 = 4.428
7 + 4 = 11
4.428 x 10^11
It is between 1 and 10!
Bob bought 3x10^8 banana's to make the worlds largest fruit salad. He also bought 2.24x10^4 strawberries. What is the ratio of bananas to strawberries?

(2.77x 10^6)
(2.8 x 10^2
Convert 4.355 x 10^5 into scientific notation
3) 7.6 x 10^8
9.5 x 10^2
Convert this!
1) 3.47 x 10^6
2) 2.4 x 10^2
Let's Review!
To convert:
1) Determine the number of
decimal places being changed.
2) Count that many places.
3) Add the decimal.

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