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Monuments, Memorials, and Museums

Washington D.C. Virtual Journey

hannah siebert

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Monuments, Memorials, and Museums

Pentagon - 9/11 Memorial The Pentagon 9/11 memorial is an outside memorial that is in remembrance of 184 people who died in the twin towers terrorist attack. The Lincoln Memorial is made in honor of Abraham Lincoln and represents freedom. He helped the country stay together during the Civil War. Lincoln Memorial Monuments, Memorials, Museums Washington Monument The Washington Monument comemmorates George Washington for bringing the Continental Army to a victory and becoming Americas first president. The pyramid top of the Washington Monument is made out of aluminum. This is a symbol for the aluminum industry. In a myth about the aluminum top, aluminum was said to be chosen because they only wanted the best to honor George Washington, the chose to use an uncommon metal. I think that it is a successful monument because it is a really spectacular monument looking at its hieght, and it is a commonly visited tourist attraction even though many might not know the reason for the monument. It is made out of granite, marble, and limestone.
The building is based on the Parthenon in Athens.
There are 36 columns which represent the number of states in the country when Lincoln was killed. Inside the building there are symbols for death and war victory to decorate the inside. I think the memorial is successful in its goal to show hope and even more recently, has been seen as a symbol of reaching one of the original goals for the country in trying to make the principle of all men being created equal true. Jefferson Memorial The Washington Monument is a Monument in memory of Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers and the third president of the United States. The idea for the monument was made by Franklin Rosevelt in 1930. It was designed after the Pantheon of Rome. I think that it was a successful memorial because it is a tourist attraction that still stands as a representation of freedom for all Americans. FDR Memorial FDR stands for Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Franklin Roosevelt helped Americans through the depression and World War II. The FDR Memorial is the first memorial made to be accessible to the handicapped due to the fact that Franklin Roosevelt had the disease polio and had to live life in a wheelchair. The walls have famous quotes covering them that relate to the war time and thee depression. I think that this memorial is successful because it is still visited in his memory today by millions of Americans who go to D.C. MLK Jr. Memorial The Mlk Jr. Memorial was built 48 Years after he gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. HE contributed so much to modern society thay have this monument in his memory. The structure is his body is carved into the Stone of Hope which juts out from two large stones that used to be one whole called the Mountain of Despair. The Stone of Hope and the Mountain of Despair represent the moving words of MLK Jr.'s speech. This is a successful memorial because it remembers him by the words he wanted to be remembered by and is a constant symbol of justice and equal rights. Vietnam Veterans Memorial The purpose of this memorial is to honor all of the soldiers that fought in the Vietnam War. The wall that is the Vietnam Memorial helps to bring peace to veterans who have fought and those who have lost loved ones in the Vietnam War. The memorial is made up of the wall, a statue, and the American Flag. The wall is covered in the names of all the fallen or lost soldiers from the war. The bronze statue is of three armed soldiers looking out at the wall. Vietnam Women's Memorial The Vietnam Women's Memorial is in memory of all the women who were a part of the Vietnam War, mostly as nurses. The statue shows three women in uniform named Hope, Faith, and Charity tending to a hurt soldier. I think that the memorial serves its purpose well and shows respect for the women that helped that may have been forgotten instead. When you think about soldiers from back then you would think of mainly men. Korean Memorial The Korean Memorial is to honor all of whom fought in the Korean War. It especially is created to honor all the fallen, lost, and imprisoned soldiers. In all, there are 19 statues of soldiers. There are 14 from the army, 3 from the Marines, 1 from the air force, and 1 from the Navy. They are about 7 feet tall, and represent different races in America. This is a successful memorial for the soldiers that served in Korea because it is respectful and plainly shows the reason for the memorial in great artwork. World War II Memorial The World War II Memorial honors every single person who served in the war, all who died, and all who supported from home. It is a symbol of dedication to ones country, life, and giving of ones self. The memorial is made up of 56 pillars.
they are all in a large circle around the plaza.
On either side of the plaza is what are called the triumphal arches. The 56 pillars have the names of the states on them, the district of colombia, the philipeans, Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and the Virgin Islands.
This is a successful Memorial because it is a commonly visited site and main tourist attraction in Washington D. C. Iwo Jima Memorial The Iwo Jima memorial is also known as the Marine Corps memorial. It is to honor every person in the Marine Corps who has died serving their country. There are 6 people holding up the flag so that there are 12 hands. Some people like to say there are 13 hands. The extra hand symbolizes "the hand of God or all who made the flag raising possible" I think the idea of this satue is really nice and I like how all of the Marines are working together to put the flag up. To me that looks like a symbol of unity. Air Force Memorial The Air Force Memorial is to commemorate the members of the united States Air Force. I think it is good that all the different type of military forces have their own memorials because it shows that each of the forces is special and important to America. The pentagon- 9/11 Memorial is really important to alot of people because it shows respect for the families who lost their loved ones in the world trade center and it is a reminder that America is strong. The three spires are made out of stainless steel and appear to be in the "Bomb Burst" of the Air Force Thunderbirds. There are two walls that go along with the spires. One wall has the name of everyone who recieved the Medal of Honor and the other wall has quotes describing the core values. There are 184 lit up benches that each represent a person. They are organized by age. if the person was in the building the name on the bench is facing south, the way the plane hit, and if the person was in the place the name is facing the sky, where the plane flew. The hieght of the wall starts at 3 inches, the age of the youngest person, and ends all the way at 71 inches, the oldest person in the attack. NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM U.S. HISTORY MUSEUM I think that one of the coolest things about the Natural History Museum is probably the giant dinosaur skeletons. If I were to go to the museum I would be most excited to go to The Evolving Universe exhibit. I dont realy know much about the universe and I think that it is insane how much they can learn about something thst uncoprehensibly large. Out of the exhibits the one that intrests me the most is the Wright Brothers Invention of the Aerial Age. I would like to learn how they came up with their idea and how the managed to get it to work. Another interesting thing to see would be the exhibit on Vertical Flight. I don't think I ever really though about it very much but that is actually pretty strange. In the U.S. History museum I would like to visit the America on the Move exhibit. It is fun to look at old cars and this exhibit would have even more old ways of transportation, all the way to what we drive now. I would also want to look at Taking America to Lunch. That is a more silly exhibit in the museum but it seems like it would be a cool thing to see.
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