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No description

cesar adame

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Jupiter


Jupiter's rings
Did you know Jupiter has rings?They are faint and are only able to be seen when Jupiter passes in front of the sun.This is because the light from the sun lights them up so we can see them on Earth.There are three rings Gossamer, main,and halo.
Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun .If you weigh 78 pounds on earth you would weigh 185 pounds on jupiter.This is because Jupiter is a big planet so it has more gravity.
Jupiter got its name by the king of all of the Roman gods.
Jupiter's moons
Jupiter has 63 moons.Four of Jupiter's moons are Io,Europa, Ganymede,and Callisto.
Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun.Jupiter is also the biggest planet and is a gas giant. A gas giant is a planet mostly made of gas.Jupiters atmosphere is made of hydrogen and helium.
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