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Dr.Honest's All Natural Herbal Remedy


Virginia Goonan

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Dr.Honest's All Natural Herbal Remedy

Dr.Honest's All Natural Cure All The Remedy for Whatever Ails you Safe, Effective and 100 Percent organic Hundreds have tried it already True Life Testimonials Ms. Wanda lipinski I tried Dr.Honest's All Natural Cure All and I lost 30% of my body size in six weeks. I also feel more alive and have more eneregy than I have in years. Mr. Gerard Trusseu My social life was really lacking and I was wondering if I was ever going to meet somebody. I started taking these pills and followed Dr. Honest's advice and within 3 weeks I met the woman of my dreams. We were married two days later in Vegas. Celebrity Kirsty Alley I've tried hundreds of different weight loss remedies and faced a very public battle with my body size but Dr. Honest's Cure All has been the first diet/medication regimen that has truly worked for me Hello i'm doctor Honest,

Are you tired of feeling hungry, and sick of not being able to lose those few extra pounds that santa left under the tree? Or maybe your just sick of feeling sad and lonely all the time? well forget about all that jazz my all new breakthrough herbal remedy will take care of any issues you have. my product is 100 percent natural and will cure what you have. it treats everything from balding to unwanted belly fat to depression and much much more. Are you tired of those few extra pounds? well just take one pill every 30 minutes and with a little diet and exercise you will rockin that bikini or swim trunks in no time. Go from this To this in no time
If your tired and feel a lack of energy throughout most of your day, just take two before bed and m,ake sure you get a full 10 hours of sleep. you will wake up feeling rested and ready to seize the day, Carpe Diem my freinds. Go from this To this Maybe you feel depressed and lonely all the time. Well don't fret we've got you covered. just take four pills every two hours and go hang uut with some freinds or watch a funny movie, heck maybe even go out and try to land yourself someone. Go from this To this dont bee fooled by other products that don't work and will leave you feeling more edgy and frustrated. for just 7 easy payments of $19.95 you will get a month's supply of my product. Try my remedy because i'm a doctor and i wouldn't lie, Honest. warning, side effects may include: itchy watery eyes, irritable bowel syndrome, sucidal thoughts and tendencies, bad breath, nausea, vomitting, rectal bleeding, poor credit score, foot fungus, social awkwardness, the HIV and other STD's, mild to extreme halucinations, visions of granduer, genocidal thoughts, the urge to take over the world, extreme nightmares, loss of inhibitions, the inability to lie to your freinds and make excuses as to why can't come out anymore, loss of judgement and a complete lack of respect for yourself and anyone else for that matter. If you have a high risk of Diabetes, you really, really should not take this product as it is just a sugar pill with alot of Caffeine in it.
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