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Why do people discriminate against others.

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Hannah Crump

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Why do people discriminate against others.

Why do people discriminate against others?
How can we stop discrimination?
We the people can do a lot about discrimination we can start by not judging people before you get to know them. Don't treat people differently just because they're not the same as everyone else. And finally just treat each other with humanist behavior
What are the reasons of discrimination?
People discriminate against others for many different reasons, when people don't understand so they would rather judge a person rather then get to know them.Another reason for discrimination is that when someone doesn't feel a person is "normal" they treat them differently then they would treat a "normal" person. Discrimination is also used as a defense method to make themselves more comfortable
Different ways of discrimination
Sexual orientation

How people discriminate
Words, actions physical conduct these are just some of the ways people can hurt these different people.These people are treated differently in all aspects of life, For example in 'All Summer in a day" the kids treat Margoe differently and end up locking in a closet because she knew about the sun. Society can seek to dispel discrimination, for example we passed the americans with disability's act of 1992 which protects the rights of the handicapped. Also the civil rights act of 1964 forbids discrimination of color.
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