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Gregory Perspective Theory of illusions

GCSE Lesson

Laurie Johnston

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Gregory Perspective Theory of illusions

Gregory Perspective Theory of illusions
We will learn
Gregory's theory of illusions (C Grade)
How to evaluate it (B and A Grades)
Let's read pg 28-29
Yasmine, Lequesha, Anya, Malyun
Exam Practice
Is this the inside or outside of a book? Explain how Gregory's theory would account for this distortion. (6 marks)
The Ames Room
How to evaluate it (B and A Grades)
The Zulu people of Southern Africa live in circular houses with few straight lines or corners. They tend not ot be fooled by distortions. What does this suggest about perception? (4 marks)
How does this illusion work according to Gregory?
Good for......

but not for.....

Gestalt better for .....
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