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Injection Molding

No description

Kevin Phillips

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of Injection Molding

Manufacturing Capabilities
Expertise in Plastic Injection Molding (40 to 9000 tons)
Capable of building large scale grill assemblies to small RFID tags.
Next Steps
Customer Stories
Cascade Engineering
Cascade Engineering
Injection Molding
11 Strategic Business Units
1,200 Employees
14 Facilities Worldwide
$300 Million Annual Sales
Commercial Truck & Bus
Solid Waste and Recycling
Office Furniture
Material Handling
Water Filtration
Renewable Energy
Lean & Green- Hybrid technology enables most efficient use of mass, resulting in greater fuel economy while using 100% recyclable content. (Auto Website)
Zero waste to landfill company; products recycled and used to support environment
Generated 2,612,784 kWh+ since October 2010
Carbon Footprint
Custom Compounds
Resin Development
Product Concept
Process Engineering
Manufacture & Distribution
Product Testing
Vast experience in diverse injection molding processes provides superior production capability.
Breadth and depth of process engineering experience.
Diverse injection technique capabilities enables discovery of best solution
Noble Polymers
Supply Chain Optimization
12 Manufacturing Facilities
1.2 Million sq ft of Manufacturing Space
25 Million Carts in 25 Years
____ Current Patents
Exterior coating for large tonnage injection molding applications. Primer provides enhanced adhesion, elimination of surface contamination, and superior surface quality.
Eliminates need for secondary coating operations and reduces handling and inventory to reduce manufacturing costs.
Technology is thermoset formulation that is recyclable and has zero VOCs.
In-mold Label
Dye Sublimation
Long Glass Fiber
Post Mold Decor
Lean Start-Up
Product-line will reduce weight and increase strength
More durable materials will reduce cycle time for products
Less expensive materials will reduce costs
Have never used glass in any of our products; possible opening to whole new group of products/customers
First Pallet scheduled for release in 2015
Developing encapsulated, rugged RFID tags that can track resources in various environments
Capable of manufacturing customized rugged tags that can stand up to extreme temperatures, high pressure, multiple force impact, submersion in water, etc.
Innovative IDEATE process enables dynamic product development
Renewable Energy
Prototype Technology
Pre-production three dimensional modeling highlighting design and product capabilities.
3-D Virtual Protoypes
Urethane Rapid Prototypes
Functional Samples
Development of product, with identification of specific product features required to accomplish objectives
Injection Molding Capabilities
Expertise in Plastic Injection Molding (40 to 9000 tons)
Capable of building large scale grill assemblies to small RFID tags.
Insert Molding
Plastic is either molded around or into an inserted piece.
Two Shot
3D Suction Blow Molding
Manufacturing process that creates hollow plastic forms.
Involves injecting two different materials into one product.
Contains up to 50% recycled content
Blended material creates more durable product
Gas Assist
Uses gas to push the injected material to the extremities of the mold.
Four Shot Molding
Plastic Injection Molding process that shoots four different materials into different locations on a mold.
External Gas Molding
Advanced Complex Assemblies
Vacuum Wrapping Capabilities
In-mold Labeling
Strategic Molding Partnerships
Blow Molding
Rotational Molding
Vacuum Forming
Compression Molding
Injection Molding
Plastic injection molding process that adds decorations or labels during the molding process.
Material Development
Research and Development
Pay As You Throw
Herman Miller
Ford Motor Company
Multi-Cavity Molding
Assemblies & Sub-Assemblies
Gas Assist
Insert Molding with Robotics
In-Mold Labeling
Clean Room Molding & Assembly
3D Suction Blow Molding
RFID Recycling and Garbage Collection

ROI: 5 years
Estimated Savings: $1.27 M/Year
Recycling Tonnage: 63% Increase
Recycling Participation: 37% Increase
Refuse Tonnage: 12% Decrease
Routing Efficiencies: 40% Increase
City of Grand Rapids
Waste Management
25 Year Partnership
Over 25 Million Carts manufactured and distributed
Customized Refuse and Recycling Containers
15 Year Partnership
Innovative acoustical barrier technology developments for Alternative Fuel Vehicles
30+ Year Partnership
Product design, development, manufacture, and distribution of 7+ furniture models
Manufacture of over _____ million products
Lean & Green
Certified In-House A2LA Accredited Materials Laboratory
Mechanical and Analytical Equipment: FTIR, TGA, DSC
10+ Years Expertise in Material Identification, Selection, Development, and Troubleshooting
1 – 34mm Twin Screw Extruder (Compound Development)
2 – 92mm Twin Screw Extruders (30,000,000lb annual capacity each)
8 Additive Feeders per Manufacturing Extrusion Line
Underwater Die-Face Pelletizing
Gaylord Box, Bulk or Rail Car Packaging
Unique ability to develop and manufacture high performance thermoplastic material solutions to meet specific customer requirements.
Very deliberate on when to collaborate and who to develop partnerships with
Plastic injection molding process that adds decorations or labels during the molding process
Durable label has longer service life than traditional labels, providing increased transparency for longer periods of time
First cart manufacturer to permanently in-mold barcode labels into carts to manage and account assets in the field
Virtual Simulation and Design
ABACUS- Structural & Thermal FEA
MoldFlow Analysis and Simulation
CAD/CAM Rendering
3D Digital Mockup
Seamless transition from design to development
Precision Tooling
State-of-the-Art Technology
Product & Process Validation
Two Shot
Two Shot
Life-cycle Testing
Impact Analysis Validation
Capability Process Development Testing
Product and Material Validation Assessment
Gary Kaminski giving me definitions for each
Considerable testing for development of optimal material to ensure superior performance
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