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Ad Hominem

No description

janay wallace

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Ad Hominem

Ad Hominem is an argument made personally against an opponent instead of against the opponent's argument(disregarding a claim and attacking the person).Translated from Latin to English "Ad Hominem" means "against the man" or "against the person". Ad Hominem The End Janay Wallace Target Audience: Targets people who are interested in politics, or anyone who votes.

What's the message: This ad demonstrates Ad Hominem because, it shows Governor Romney attacking President Obama on a personal level. He's basically insulting him by saying, since Obama shed some tears during a speech maybe he should also try that to receive attention. The focus should be directed to the speech itself and what's being said. Not what personal tactics might have been used. What's the message: In this ad the fallacy can be seen when the second goose goes on a rant about the first one saying he's "close-minded, stupid, and eats corn" therefore he must know nothing. The goose completely disregarded what was said, and instead chooses to insult him about irrelevant things like what he eats , so now nothing he says is valid. Target Audience: The target audience would be teachers or students.
What's the message: You see the fallacy being used in this conversation between a student and their teacher. Just like any Ad Hominem the main argument is missed and instead the person is attacked. The teacher is explaining that the student failed a test and instead of engaging in the conversation the student insults their profession. The message basically being said is that, because the student failed a test. It must be the teachers fault that they cannot teach, and not the students fault for maybe a lack of studying. The response was a personal attack that was irrelevant to what was originally said. Targeted Audience: Targets girls, more specifically teenage girls who watch these kind of movies.

What's the message?: Regardless of what the girls were initially talking about, it's most likely that the girl calling the other one out on being a virgin and not able to drive has nothing to do with the conversation. Once again the fallacy can be clearly noticed in this scene. The girl is insulting her character and using the fact that she can't drive and is a virgin as a reasoning why she shouldn't listen to her or believe anything she says. Target Audience: Anyone who pays attention to politics.

Whats the message: The Ad Hominem is once again demonstrated when the man focuses on one of the reporters instead, and begins making insulting comments about her and a question she asked. Despite her career background. Whats the message: Even in everyday shows we watch the fallacy can be seen. Family Guy may be a comedy show, but in that quick scene it still proved the point of Ad Hominem. The reporter asks the president about why he feels that he is being supported by the American public, and he responses with a personal attack about him being fat instead, and does not answer the actual question.
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