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Chapter 28- Grapes Of Wrath

No description

jamie ritchheart

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Chapter 28- Grapes Of Wrath

Chapter 28 Summary Ma and the family finally have a decent place to live in, at
the boxcar camp. They are working for the season picking
cotton and Ma finally feels like something good has come from it
all. The family takes a shopping trip, and Ruthie and Winfield
gets a whole box of Cracker Jacks each. Ruthie ended up saving
some of her box for later on, and some kids ended up trying to take
her box. She gets into a fight with some big girl, and tells her that her
brother could lick the girls brother because her brother has killed
someone and is hiding. When Ma finds this out she packs up a little dinner
and goes to find Tom to tell him Ruthie has told someone about him
in hiding. Tom and Ma decide its best for Tom to leave and go a couple
hundred miles away. On the way home, some guy stops Ma and asks her if
she knows anyone who would want to pick cotton for him in the morning.
The next morning the family wakes up to head to the cotton field with some
of the other families, and pick cotton. Rose of Sharon ends up getting too cold
and being pregnant everyone is worried about her. Al and Aggie also decide
they are going to get married. Characterization of Ruthie "The tragedy began to form in Ruthie's eyes" (Steinbeck 560).

"The little girl was dirtied. Her mouth was sticky, and her nose still dripped a little blood from her fight. She looked shamed and frightened... Her shame and fierceness were blended" (Steinbeck 564).

"...And he put hinself in a good position of defense, for Ruthie would attack him at the first opportunity, and he knew it. Ruthie went quicetly, heartbrokenly to the other side of the car" (Steinbeck 565). Personification- "Over the sky a plump black cloud moved, erasing
the stars" (Steinbeck 567).

Epanalepsis- "Don' worry me now. Don' worry me" (Steinbeck 572).

Alliteration- "She shievered suddenly and held her head high" (Steinbeck 586). Style Devices Tone - Worried, Unsure. "We'll pick. I hear fellas say nex' year it'll be seventy-five or even sixty" (Steinbeck 574). Level 2 Question Why do you think Ruthie let out the secret about her brother? "So Ruthie got mad an' chased 'em, an' she fit one,
an' then she fit another, an' then one big girl up an' licked her. Hit 'er a good one..." (Steinbeck 563). Setting Grocery Store
Cotton field
Toms hideout Works Cited http://i35.tinypic.com/205xybp.jpg
27 April 2011

Steinbeck, John. The Grapes of Wrath. New York, NY: Penguin Group, 1939. Print.
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