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Henri Matisse

Presentation on the colorful paintings of interiors completed by the artist Henri Matisse.

Jessica Stuver

on 13 July 2016

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Transcript of Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse
"Color was not given to us in
order that we should imitate
Nature, but so that we can express
our own emotions."
Henri Matisse, Interior with Violin Case, 1919
Henri Matisse, Interior in Aubergines, 1911-12
Henri Matisse, Interior with Egyption Curtain, 1948
Henri Matisse, The Red Room, 1908
Matisse belonged to an art movement called Fauvism, which means "wild beast" in French

These artists were named wild beasts because they used color in a bright and explosive way

The Fauves did not use color to describe objects; instead, they used color to describe feelings and emotions.
Painting Style
Matisse was the most successful of the Fauve artists, and had a very long career

He is best known for paintings that have bright, intense colors and large patterns

Matisse's paintings were simple, with basic forms; his focus was always on bright, expressive color
Feel-Good Paintings
Matisse lived and worked through WWI and WII, and experienced some very trying times

In spite of all of this, Matisse painted happy and joyful paintings that featured tropical fruit and flowers, and views out of sunny windows

Matisse believed that painting should not ony be beautiful, but should make the viewer happy
Henri Matisse, Interior with Etruscan Vase, 1940
Essential Questions
What about Henri Matisse's work stands out to

How will you use Matisse's work to inspire your own?

How can color be used for expressive purposes?
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