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CHOMP Notetaking Strategy

No description

Jessica Allio

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of CHOMP Notetaking Strategy

A note-taking strategy
The Problem: Careless Note-taking
What it looks like:
- Copying big chunks of text
- Copying little chunks
- Not separating out what is important
- Too much highlighting
- Not really understanding the material
What this causes:

- Unintentional plagiarism: using the source words
instead of your own

- Using text evidence that doesn't support your claim
because you don't know/understand the material

- Not including the truly important information

The Strategy:
Step 1:
Cross out small words

Step 2: Highlight important information
The O doesn't stand for anything
Step Three: Make Notes
- Condense
- List
- Abbreviate
- Draw
Step 4:
Put it in your own words
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