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Three Skeleton Key

A rat-voshing story

Jess V

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Three Skeleton Key

(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr The short story "Three Skeleton Key", is a suspenseful story about three lighthouse keepers who were held hostage by hordes of vicious flesh-eating rats. Le Gleo, Itchoua, and the narrator are lighthouse keepers on the abandoned island of Three Skeleton Key off the coast of French Guiana. In the beginning, the three men are watching the haunted Dutch ship, the Cornelius de Witt, recklessly make its way towards their deadly shores. The men soon discover because hordes of inquitous rats have devoured the crew. The ship crashes into the shore. C : Le Gleo, Itchoua, the narrator S: The island Three Skeleton Key of the coast of French Guiana C: Three men get trapped on an isolated island surrounded by hordes of rats. When the Cornelius de Witt crashes,
all of the rats escape the ship and paddle
to the island and try to eat the three lighthouse keepers. The men run into the lighthouse and close the first door, but the door is made of wood so the rats eat through the door . Of course, the men keep running from them. The men put metal all over the windows but
sadly at about two in the morning, Itchoua's
window just breaks and when he calls for help, all the men including himself run to the top of the lighthouse in the light room. Complications: Complications: Complications: Exposition: Three Skeleton Key

By: George G. Toudouze To make things easier... You also need to know... To include... Wait..... There's more..... Climax: The climax is when the three men get trapped at the top of the light house. In about nine days without food or water, Itchoua comes up with an idea to use morse code to contact the patrol boats for help. Also called the distress signal. The falling action: The patrol boats came to rescue the three men from of the swarm of rats that attacked the lighthouse. So they decided to use the spray jet to drizzle the rats off the lighthouse but they weren't successful. The patrol boats agreed to leave and the men were furious. Resolution: The patrol boats come back with a barge to feed the rats. All the rats raced to the truck and the patrol team lit the meat on fire but there was still a few left so they had to use a shrapnel and there was still some left but the sharks ate the rest of the. The men were freed but Le Gleo went mentally insane so they had to take him to a mental institute and Itchoua died of a severe fever from rats bites. The narrator continued to work there so that he could get married. Similes Metaphor "A sighing groan came
from the water, rushed into the ship, then split in two and sank like a stone." pg. 54 column 1 "The horrible band, in no measurable time, had swarmed up and over the tower as if it had been a tree, piled on the embrasures of the windows, scraped at the glass with thousands of claws, covered the mantle with a furry mantle, and reached the top of the tower, filling the gallery and atop the lantern." "She came for us at full speed as if she were leading the regatta at a race." "His eyes glazed"
pg. 53 column 2 "Armored
cruiser" pg. 53 column 2 Figurative Language Personification Light danced over the small rock screaming
pg. 50 column 3 "Burning like the eyes of a jungle beast in the night." pg. 55 column 2 By: Zuleika Serna AND Jessica Verduzco THANK YOU!!!!
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