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HS Technology Presentation


Mery Tellez

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of HS Technology Presentation

Exploring Global Collaboration To provide a enriching experience to our students facilitating the development of critical thinking skills and helping move students from restating information to create new information. Technology in HS - Today! Web Design Web 2.0 Big Ideas . . Connect Communicate Create Collaborate Technology in HS
Starting next year. Video Production Computers and Careers Basic Computers The needs of our students for their future " This class have been a great experience to develop my creativity while learning new and exciting tools." "The computers and careers class has definitely straighten up my mind about my future plans. It not only gives me effective tools that I can use to clear out my thoughts, but also learn a little bit more about myself." This class help students to improve their knowledge and develop skills related with IT (information technologies), software and research, and to use these tools and resources to get to know themselves better; their strengths, weaknesses, interests and aptitudes that will allow them to start taking their education more responsibly and think about their college studies. A first approach to the digital communication skills and the development process of professional web designers.
Development of key skills such as project management, design, research, digital communication and programming logic among others.
Web programming, pictures digital treatment and digital animation.
Students learn the fundamental principles needed to create good video content on any kind of budget.
Students learn about the language of video both in technical and artistic levels.
Develop skills in front and behind the cameras and learn about storytelling, composition, journalism and film making by creating and producing in audiovisual media. Our Challenge: Web Design Student feedback Student feedback http://www.cng.edu/down/gjulio/mylifeatcng/index.htm Reinforce the basic technology skills they'll need for their future.
Hardware issues and advanced use of software such as operating systems, word processing, spreadsheet analysis, presentation, databases programs.
Photoshop and web design principles. Video Projects http://www.cng.edu/down/gjulio/webdesign/
9 Grade

Starting the college counseling process since the beginning of HS.
Helping them develop a career plan through heir 4 years of HS.
Integration with the character education program. Integrate COMPUTERS AND CAREERS ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING
10 -12 Grade

Communications processes
Electronic design and production.
Programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
10 -12 Grade

Storytelling, composition, journalism, film making.
Creating video content to communicate.
Support and improve the communication channels among HS comunity. VIDEO PRODUCTION
11 -12 Grade

Communications processes involed on web design.
Participation on the school website.
Work as part of a group process with other designers. WEB MASTERING
11 -12 Grade

General concepts of design and visual presentation
Design, digital photography and effects.
Retouching and digital manipulation, enhancement and optimization.
11 -12 Grade

Software Design
Principles of programming
Principles of sofware development. AP Computer Science A
10 -12 Grade

Capture, create and edit multimedia productions for the web.
Interactivity and digital media for online interaction. DIGITAL MEDIA Challenge ghjghj hfhfgh
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