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Kaileigh Doner

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The "body" contains FACTS, EXPLANATIONS, DETAILS, and EXAMPLES supporting your idea
Last but not least
The Five paragraph Essay:
Structure of a Paragraph
1) Topic Sentence

2) Body

3) Concluding sentences
It is the LAST sentence in the paragraph. It summarizes the main idea. (In an essay, it may lead to, or connect with, the first sentence of the next paragraph)
What is the structure of an essay?
Introduction: 1st paragraph
1) Hook: provocative statement, quotations, that catches the reader's attention
2) Thesis: a topic with an argument
3) Indicators: some indication to the reader as to the structure or organization that the essay will follow

Body paragraphs (3): Paragraph 2-4
Strong argument and proof x 3

Conclusion: Restatement or affirmation that the thesis has been proved
Essay Building
Monday March 25th
Topic Sentence
The body of the Paragraph
The Concluding Sentence
An "Essay" is several paragraphs put together

A visual representation of a paragraph can be seen through the "Hamburger"approach. A five paragraph essay contains five hamburgers. Another analogy for essays would be the "Keyhole" approach.
The wrap up
-It is the FIRST sentence in the paragraph.
-It states the main idea!
-It always relates to your thesis.
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