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Optical devices research project : 3D movies

By izzy pardoe and karissa smith

izzy pardoe

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Optical devices research project : 3D movies

Optical Devices Research Project: Shedding Light On The World 3D Movies The Invention of 3D movies. How the optical device works. The safety and danger features of 3D movies Important modifications. Importance to society References In 1840 Stereoscopy (3D imaging) was invented by Charles Wheatstone and used to view stills and make them seem to pop out at the viewer. Then In 1976 William Fetter computerized 3D graphics with "Future World" (the first ever 3D movie).
3D movies were invented not only as a great scientific discovery in realizing how light works but also to add a whole new viewing experience of excitement. 3D movies are used in:
.movie theaters
.New 3D t.v's
.Some video games 3D movies are important to society because they provide entertainment and job opportunities for people who help create the 3D experience. They also helped us to discover new ways to adjust the way light moves.

Although many people find 3D movies exciting because they make you feel as if you are in the scene, they also have disadvantages.
A major disadvantage is some people experience problems with eye misalignment. If this is the case than during watching the 3D movie they experience tiredness, headaches and they become nauseated. .http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polarized_3D_system
. http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/27146/the-history-of-3d-cinema
. http://wanttoknowit.com/how-do-3d-movies-work/ Its uses When 3D movies were first invented, the glasses used to view the movie had one blue lens and one red lens. This is because the movies was filmed with red and blue light. Footage for the left eye would be filmed using a red lens filter, producing a red image, and footage for the right eye would be shot using a blue filter, resulting in a blue image. With the glasses on, your brain combines the two slightly different images and sees what you're watching in 3D.
However when you were to move your head the image would turn blurry films couldn't make full use of colour. So now 3D movies use polarized light using a polarized filter that is made of a special material that is capable of blocking one of the two planes of vibration of an electromagnetic wave. 3D movies are produced through polarization. Polarized light is waves of light all oriented in only one direction. Three dimensional movies use polarized light, and special glasses, to create two films, one for each eye. One lens of the glasses allows only vertically polarized light, the other only horizontally polarized light. One frame of a film is shown in vertically polarized light, which gets through to one eye, and the other in horizontally polarized light, which gets through to the other.
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