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EBEC Warsaw 2013 Diego's CoorgaNICer ML

No description

Diego Garcia Calleja

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of EBEC Warsaw 2013 Diego's CoorgaNICer ML

My LBG is also trying to change the format of the local EBEC, so I'd learn a lot of useful 'eStuff' for us, as I know that LBG Warsaw is really good doing these events.
Who am I??
Why should I be chosen?
Because I'm also able to:
Why am I applying?
Mainly because I'd love to help with the EBEC final
EBEC Warsaw 2013
Diego's Co-orgaNICEr application
co-orgaNICEr you'll ever have =)
I have a lot of experience in BEST, as I have been:

Main OrgaNICEr.
Media Responsible for the GA Valladolid 2013.

And I'm also involved in PR, Media and IT at the local level, and in ITC, markeTeam - Media Contacting and Trolling CMT at the international one.
I have already been co-organicer in:
Timisoara SC 2012
Kosice WC 2013
So it won't be new tasks =)
And it's not my first time in Poland
Polish girls love me :)))
Help participants.
Prepare everything.
Drink PolishVodka.
Work hard.
Party harder.
Eat Pierogies.
Play the video
I'm Diego García, a BESTie from the "pervert" LBG Valladolid
Another reasons:
Engineering Competitions are really attractive to me.
Improve the knowledge about the EBEC, the tricks and the way of developing a final stage in a proper way can be really useful for me.
I strongly believe in the EBEC as a good way of expanding BEST between the students while also creating strong boundaries with the companies and universities, which is the base of BEST.
How I can help YOU?
I'm also quite versatile, so whichever task you need me to do, I'll be able to do it without too many problems, as I will put all my effort to realize it.
I don't mind to clean whatever you need... after this years in BEST I have cleaned almost every disgusting thing you can imagine.
Nevertheless, I'm a really friendly person so I'd be able to be the perfect link between organizers and participants.
reason it's because I'm able to work as hard as necessary and even more. When others want to sleep or rest, I can continue. =)
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