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No description

shelby solum

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Shelby

Who Fired First?? Lieutenant Barker Diary Entry Officer of the british army April 19, 1775 "Colonists Fired First" Warren Letter to Great Britain President of Massachusetts Congress Ensign Lister Personal narrative The Colonists fired first London Gazette Newspaper report Letters written Colonists fired first Stiles Diary Entry assumed that the colonists
fired first Yale president England Fired first Mulliken Court Document People of lexington
believe england fired first John Robbins Official Statement Member of the Lexington Militia Bilieved that england fired first
(he was shot and swore on the Bible) James Barret Colonel of concord Militia England Fired first Alice stearns abott Her Brother got shot by the
british IN the first battle Lt. Col Francis Order given to Lt. Col Francis smith About the battle Allyn and Bacon Recent Story Believed that england fired first Fast Novel(Writter of Legends) He believed that England fired
first, due to his novel We Believe that the Colonists Fired first
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