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2016 How to Prepare for the Study Abroad Fair 2016

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Northwestern Study Abroad

on 13 October 2017

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Transcript of 2016 How to Prepare for the Study Abroad Fair 2016

Program Types

NU Customized/Sponsored:
These are theme-based programs designed specifically for Northwestern students by the Study Abroad Office, the Office of International Program Development (IPD), and the Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI). In some cases, courses are taught in English by NU faculty for NU students. Examples include: the European Union Studies program (designed by IPD) in Paris, France.

NU Exchanges
: These were established by NU to offer reciprocal movement of students between two institutions (for example: NU students study at the Sciences Po in Paris and Sciences Po students study at Northwestern for a semester). Examples include: University of Hong Kong Exchange, Bocconi Exchange, etc.

NU has established formal affiliations with partner program providers and universities in the US and abroad during the academic year. These affiliated program providers and universities operate the programs. Examples include: Arcadia University, Boston University, IES Abroad, IFSA-Butler, SIT, CIEE, etc.

Questions to Consider...
Before arriving at the Study Abroad Fair, consider what you hope to achieve during your study abroad experience:
Before You Go...
Try to have a
general idea of places, countries, or regions that interest you
(or places that don't). This will be the first step in figuring out which booths you should visit at the Study Abroad Fair.

Check out to learn about different program options for the areas you are interested in, as well as general information about studying abroad.

Think about the questions you find
important to ask while at the fair.

Don't feel the need to go to every booth.
If you miss out on something, there are resources available online and at the Study Abroad Office.
We know the Study Abroad Fair can be overwhelming, so here are some tips to help you prepare!
Follow Up!

Who Will be at the Fair?
All of the
affiliated program partners
will have their own booths to discuss program options available across the globe. This includes representatives from Arcadia, SIT, CIEE, DIS, and more.

Representatives from International Program Development (IPD) and Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI) will be available to talk about NU specially-designed and exchange program options.

Northwestern Campus Offices
will also be at the fair, including the Undergraduate Financial Aid Office, Northwestern Career Advancement (NCA), NU Library, Campus Inclusion & Community, and many more!

Advisers and Peer Advisers
from the
Study Abroad Office (SAO)
will also be on hand to help you navigate the fair and answer any general questions you may have. Look for the SAO booths in the Louis Room!
Knowing what you want to get out of your study abroad experience will help you ask the right questions at the Study Abroad Fair.
Northwestern offers
various study abroad program types. Understanding the differences between them will help you navigate the fair more easily!
How to Prepare for the Study Abroad Fair
Which term do you want to study abroad?

Would you prefer a program in an urban or rural location?

Do you wish to immerse yourself in a different culture?

Do you hope to travel to nearby countries?

Do you want to take courses that apply to your major or minor?

Do your countries of interest have any language requirements?

What support options are available while abroad?
Make an appointment
to meet with a Study Abroad Adviser by using our
online scheduling system
on the SAO website:
*Our advisers can answer your specific questions about the programs you are interested in and will help you with the
next steps
in the application process for study abroad!
How Is the Study Abroad Fair Set Up?
The fair will take place in the
Louis Room @ Norris, 2-5 PM on Wednesday, November 9

You will
first stop at the Welcome Table in the lobby entrance
of the Louis room where you will pick up a
Welcome Handout
, which includes a map of the Louis room and list of program representatives and Northwestern offices at the Fair.

Determine your countries of interest and look at the map to find the relevant program booths in the Louis Room. Pick a few that you are most interested in seeing. For example, if you want to study abroad in France, you should drop by the IES Abroad, Sweet Briar, and International Program Development (IPD) booths (among others), because all three partners have study abroad programs in France. Overwhelmed? Stop by the Study Abroad Information booths to talk to an adviser!
Q: Why is the fair
organized by partner programs and
not by country or region?
With over 130 study abroad programs at Northwestern, there are typically multiple program options in one country alone. The Study Abroad Fair is organized by partner as opposed to country or region because one partner may have several programs in different global locations (ex. CIEE covers programs in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe). Additionally, only one or two representatives are able to attend the fair, so it would be difficult to divide the fair by country or region.
Wear comfortable walking shoes because you will likely need to stop by multiple booths!
You can also connect with a Northwestern Study Abroad Peer Adviser who can give you first-hand advice about study abroad:
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