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No description

Jeffrey Wong

on 17 August 2013

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Transcript of HL

Attention to detail
Unexpected and clever details in fabrics, hardware, trim, printing techniques, applique etc
Creative product storytelling and innovative packaging
To mix and match prints, print scales and/or fabrications
Tonals with texture
Color blocking
Waterbase discharge (soft hand) printing
Black and White
Mash up of masculine and feminine

Titled graphics (If the graphic makes sense to rotate 90 degrees, that is ok)
Purple or lavender
plastisol printing - or most thick printing techniques (there will be some exceptions to this)
Stark or bright printing, we love when it looks a bit worn and vintage
blotch printing (there will be exceptions to this)

is "Leader" of the Harajuku Girls. Most fashionable/sophisticated of the girls. Besides fashion, Gwen loves her dog Meghan, singing, doing her hair and makeup eating pizza and working out. If Gwen isn't writing songs or singing, she is usually reading fashion blogs and magazines from all around the world coming up with her next look. She's the one the girls come to for advice on boys and fashion
is a very independent and strong girl. She loves to dress with attitude. Her sole passion is music. She loves to dance and to sing. She's a talented choreographer and likes to create dances for the Harajuku Girls to perform. Michael Jackson is one of her favorite performers. She is originally from Okinawa Japan. Besides, Gwen, Music is the only other girl with a steady boyfriend.
"The first time I went to Tokyo in '96, it was as if I had landed on another planet. It was the most incredible experience. I saw kids in Harajuku that were all about
self expression
and had this
unique individual style
and everyone was making their own clothing and mixing and matching. There was this whole
Western inspiration
but yet there was this whole
Japanese traditional style
and I
felt like I had come home
. I felt like
this is all very inspiring. This is where I wish I lived."
is the youngest of the Harajuku Girls. She is obsessed with all things Kawaii. She loves dancing, sweets, pink, lip gloss, doing her hair, flirting with boys. Baby is originally from Osaka Japan, but spent time in New York dancing ballet, tap and her favorite style, Hip Hop. Baby loves to talk on her baby pink jeweled cellphone. Baby and Love are BFFs.
is a girlie girl. She loves all kinds of dance. She used to be a ballerina, but her true passion is Hip Hop dance. She used to live in Tokyo but met Gwen and has been part of her posse ever since. She also loves love... She's very skilled at writing love letters and making mixes of songs for all the boys she has crushes on. She is a very loyal friend.
is originally from Los Angeles. She likes to dress up, but always adds a tomboy touch to any of her outfits. She's very smart and loves to learn about new things. When she isnt dancing, you can find Angel reading books on subjects she loves most: dance, astronomy and teenage romance. Angel and Music are BFFs.
Basics with a fashion forward twist
Tongue in cheek
Pop Art inspired
Naughty and Nice

Simply a licensed, character driven brand
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