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My Sister's Keeper

By Katie Fricker and Sabrina Bankemper

Katie Frick Frack

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of My Sister's Keeper

My Sister's Keeper
Narrative Frame Characters Anna is a 13 year old girl. She was born to donate her organs to her sister, Kate. She is smart, fun, loving, and caring to her family. Setting Initiating Event Internal
Response Kate is a 15 year old girl. She was diagnosed with Leukemia at a young age. She wants to feel like a normal girl, but with her disease, it's not that easy. Jesse is the brother of Kate and Anna. He is sometimes rebellious, caring towards his family, but feels invisible at times. Sara is the mother of three children, one of which, Kate, has Leukemia. Although Sara is a loving mother, she tends to favor one because of a life- threatening disease. Brian is the father of Kate, Anna, and Jesse. He works as a firefighter, and comes home to be a caring father. When worst comes to worst, he treats his children equally. Campbell Alexander is the lawyer in Anna's case. He’s a well-known, experienced lawyer with a good winning streak. The setting of My Sister's Keeper takes place in Providence, Rhode Island in present day. The landscape has a lot of buildings, bridges, and trees. The initiating event is when Anna goes to Campbell to ask for a lawsuit to sue her parents for the rights to her own body. Anna has mixed emotions and is confused if she should follow through with the lawsuit. Kate is happy that her sister, Anna, is filing the lawsuit so that Anna doesn't have to donate her organs to Kate any longer. Jesse doesn't show any emotions towards Anna's decisions, but helps Anna when she needs advice about the lawsuit. Sara is incredibly against the lawsuit. She wants it to end immediately, so she chose to defend herself in court. Brian is equal to both sides of the lawsuit. He doesn’t feel like there should be sides taken in their family. Campbell is for the trial because he wants Anna to be able to say “no” when it comes to medical situations. Goal Anna wants to win the case, that way she will have the rights to her own body. Kate wants Anna to win the case so that Anna doesn’t have to be her donor anymore. Kate wants to die because she’s tired of fighting Leukemia. Jesse helps Anna throughout the whole process of the trials. He wants Anna to win the case so that his sisters don’t have to go through what they’re going through and so he doesn’t have to be invisible. Sara defends herself and Brian. She talks to Anna and tries to change her mind about the lawsuit. Brian talks to Anna to see what’s going on and what her real reasons are to suing her parents. Campbell wants to win the case because he starts to realize how stressful Anna's life is and he cares for her. Consequence Anna goes to court with Campbell as her lawyer to win the case. Kate doesn’t say anything to her parents about wanting to die and plays along with not knowing that Anna was trying to sue her parents. Jesse gives advice to Anna and supports her through all of her decisions. Sara wants to be more persuasive in court than Campbell and be more assuring that Anna doesn’t know what she’s getting into. Brian moves into the Fire station with Anna to keep her away from Sara so that he can find out what’s really going through her head about the lawsuit. Campbell goes to court as Anna's lawyer and encourages her. He tells her that she can win this case. Resolution Anna wins the case and obtains the rights to her own body. In the book, Anna dies in a car crash. The driver was Campbell, Anna's lawyer. Brian, Anna's father, tried to save her, but it was too late. Kate is happy that her sister doesn’t have to be her donor anymore, and go through something she doesn’t want to. In the movie, Kate eventually dies in the hospital from Leukemia. Jesse is content with the results of the trial. Sara does not win the trial, and is not happy with the results. Brian finds out why her daughter did the lawsuit in the first place. He feels like it ended the way that it should have. Campbell wins the case with Anna against Sara and Brian Fitzgerald. SPOILER
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