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Million Word Project

No description

Alexis Jones

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Million Word Project

MAJOR CHARACTERS Melba Pattillo Beals
Grandma India
Link SETTING The story takes place in Little Rock Arkansas. CONFLICT The conflict in this story is hate. Melba had to overcome the
hatred she had towards her
to achieve her goal
to integrate Central High. In the BEGINNING In the beginning of the story Melba wonders about her and her families lives if she was white. She questions her parents why she can't get fancy things and get treated like the others. When she was in the black high school she got the opportunity to embark on an experience that would change her life and history it self. When
she got the chance she made the switch to Central High .
Her grandmother India told her that that was the reason she was
put on this Earth, to make a change a on the day of Monday
Semptember 24, 1959 the Little Rock Nine made history. TITLE Warrior's Don't Cry:
The Searing Memoir of
the Battle to
Integrate Little Rock's
Central high Author Melba Pattillo Beals The Middle In the middle of the story it shows all of the bumps that she hit on her journey . During this she had every thing done to her from getting spit on to being beat up by Andy her bully in front of everybody, you name it it she had it done to her. She got kicked out of Central High and was moved to California where she graduated and went to a university that was prodomentialy white. In the END She marries the love of her life John Beals and six months later they have a daughter named Kelli. Seven years later her and her husband divorce due to the fact he wanted a housewife and she wanted to pursue her dream in journalism. Recommendation I would recommend this book to anyone. This book
shows a piece of history we know about but sometimes
don't get the full understanding. This book is 5 star and I
encourage anyone to read this is has a yearning desire for
history or a passion for reading. SIGNIFICANCE The significance of this story is to show the
importance and struggle to integrate the
Little Rock's Central High School. Background The background of this story is to show just a small story on how bad racial discrimination and the struggle to integrate the schools in Little Rock, Arkansas's Central High School.
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