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TeenLife Overview Advertisers

A different Methodology to sell a SaaS solution in the enterprise based on lowering CAC

Jon Blumenfeld

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of TeenLife Overview Advertisers

BCOV social media peer
reference SEO @TeenLifeMedia Marie Schwartz Gap Year
Community Service
Overnight Summer Programs
College Admissions
Jobs and Internships
Performing and Visual Arts Colleges
Specialized Schools and Programs
Life With Teens Magazine TeenLife Guides MISSION: Put Sol Abroad in touch with affluent parents of teens searching for enrichment opportunities. Sol Abroad is a High School study abroad and immersion program that needs to gain exposure to parents of teens. Website Guides Newsletter / Dedicated E-blast Social Media Blog Live Events Print / Digital Publications http://www.solabroad.com/ Enhanced Listings http://www.teenlife-digital.com/lifewithteens/fall2012#pg1 Access a collective audience of over 250K through our print and digital publications. Over 100k page views / month.

Enhanced search capabilities that help visitors find programs, and help advertisers reach a qualified audience. Publish guest articles, run promotions, and establish credibility through our online magazine.

Gain SEO value through your publish materials. Our digital publications offer more interactivity broader distribution, and actionable advertising. Access a collective audience of over 250K through our print and digital publications. https://www.teenlife.com/ Dedicated e-blasts and newsletters that lead the industry average in clicks, opens, and forwards. TeenLife has an active and engaged community of over 4k social followers.

TeenLife is active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social outlets that can be harnessed to bring publicity to Teenlife advertisers. http://blog.teenlife.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TeenLife?ref=hl http://pinterest.com/teenlifemedia/ https://twitter.com/TeenLifeMedia \ Enhanced listing pages drive exposure, deliver a unique and media-rich experience, and drive qualified leads directly into your inbox.
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