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Doorway Valet

Doorway Trash & Recycling removal for apartment communities.

Brett Olson

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Doorway Valet

www.DOORWAYVALET.com Doorway Trash & Recycling Removal for Apartment Communities So what is Doorway Valet? www.DOORWAYVALET.com Doorway Valet offers Professional Doorway Waste & Recycling Removal Service for Apartment Communities. Doorway Valet was founded on core values with a commitment to the community and protecting the environment. Our service gives properties and tenants a low cost, community-friendly solution for removing waste & recycling for apartment communities. of residents rated trash & recycling pick-up the most valued amenity! (National Apartment Association) Management Benefits Give your residents the GREEN lifestyle they're looking for! Free Recycling Program Marketing Edge Expand your NOI Reduce Your Bottom Line Reduce Your Turnover Cleaner Community “Whether it is the warm smile your residents receive from our valets on site, or the friendly voice you hear when you call our national service line, you get the feeling we really do care about your community." Trash & Recycling Service Our waste & recycling removal is always on time, rain or shine By keeping our recycling service simple to use, we are able to see a resident recycling participation rate! Resident Benefits Be Clean & Green No more late night or smelly trips to the compactor! For more information please visit our website.. Our hassle-free zero cost recycling service is not only effective, it can actually increase your net operating income! Your residents will love our easy-to-use single-stream recycling program, but this green service will also save you money on your monthly waste expense! DOORWAYVALET.com Save Earth, Recycle More (Net Operating Income) Our property management partners have utilized our services
to increase their monthly net operating income by thousands! Our complementary recycling program will reduce your monthly waste expense! Have a "leg up" on your competition with our complementary easy to use recycling program! Our valets are trained to leave your property cleaner than when they arrived and to always keep an eye out for any loose waste on-site! Your residents will love our easy-to-use, single-stream recycling program! Convenient Single-Stream Recycling Removal Service By offering the number one amenity, this will not only reduce turnover rates, but also Waste & Recycling Solutions 74% September, 2007 increase occupancy. DOORWAY VALET 95% For More Information, Please Visit Our Website WWW.DOORWAYVALET.COM
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