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Discrimination in gender and sexuality

No description

Sifra Matthijsse

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Discrimination in gender and sexuality

Advertisement 2 In advertisements and commercials Discrimination of women Advertisement 1 Commercial Male vs. Female Discrimination based on gender What Prevention? Laws:
- Sex Discrimination Act
- Equal Pay Act Discrimination based on gender and sexuality Heterosexual vs. Homosexual/Asexual by Sifra Matthijsse and Sanne Huijsman Advertisement 1 In advertisements and commercials Discrimination of homo-, bi- and asexuals Advertisement 2 Commercial Discrimination in sexuality - Unfair treatment based on attraction
- Gayism, Bisexuality, Asexuality Prevention? - Measures: campaigns of government or
non-profit organisations

- Barack Obama:

- World wide scale: too large
Not all countries willing to
participate Analysis Analysis Analysis Analysis Color symbolism: homo and bi-sexuality
Part of gay pride flag Nouns in grey -Compares two different things Negative verb Negative connotation Urgers viewer
to do the "right"
thing Contractions Informal Being gay is not a choice! Analysis Color symbolism: asexuality
Part of the asexual pride flag Symbolism Shoe:
- Size shoe > woman implies male race > female race
- "MAX SHOES" in capitals emphasizes feeling of greatness Symbolism woman:
- Dangerous position, wrong move results in being crushed by shoe:
enhances feeling of suppression
- As if women's careers are being crushed by those of male's Symbolism shoelaces:
- Derogatory
- Submissive to men
- Positioning of body: inferiority, sexual relationship
- Audience: men What? How? - Prejudices society/religion: 'wrong' or 'weird'
- Strange fact: in old English 'gay' meant 'happy', no sexual
- 1. Malicious remarks and abusive words
2. Prohibition of activities
3. Dangerous and life threatening
4. Federal offence “I favour legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.” How - Unfair treatment based on gender
- Usually applies to women 1. Pressure to look good
2. Glass ceiling - no top functions
3. Gender wager gap
4. Sexual harrasment World wide scale: hard.
Countries have different:
- cultures
- laws
- social standards Eleanor Roosevelt: "Remember no one can make you feel
inferior without your consent" Personal pronoun
Bold typography
Enumeration "BK": acronym
"SUPER SEVEN": alliteration
"juicy and flame grilled": gustatory imagery
"your desire for something long, juicy": sensory imagery
"mind-blowing" & "flame-grilled": compound adj. - Comparison male genital organ:
- Sexual connotations
- Symbolism sexual intercourse
- Audience: both men and women Personal
Negative connotation
Stereotypes Asexuality and homosexuality
are not a choice! - By Women's Sport Foundation & Gatorade
- Purpose: prevent society from ruining pleasure in sports/activities
- Audience: Young, teenage girls + circles
- Tone: Disapproving

- Society's standards elimination freedom + inability making decisions
- Social pressure influence/distortion development girls

-Slogan: "Keep her in the game" - By Invisible Parents
- Purpose: Encourages to accept same sex marriage
- Audience: All citizens
- Tone: Reminiscent/Encouraging

- Repetition/Motif: "when you look back"
- Element of surprise: who is the other parent?
- All marriages the same no matter their construction
- Second-person personal pronoun: Adresses viewer directly.

-Concluding sentence: "most of Europe doesn't recognize this family"
- Slogan: "Speak up and share" Analysis
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