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Mesa Verde and Bent's Old Fort

Mostly about Mesa Verde and Bent's Old Fort

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on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of Mesa Verde and Bent's Old Fort

Similarities and Differences
Landscape around Mesa Verde
Mesa Verde is in the South West corner of Colorado. It's surrounded be Mesas and Mountains.
Mesa Verde
Mesa Verde was a place where American-Indians lived and raised ther'ye children.
Thank You
For Watching
Landscape around Bent's Fort
Bent's Fort was surrounded by the plains. It's South of Denver and is on the Santa Fe trail. A lot of later indians traded with the europeans.
Mesa Verde and Bent's old fort
Differences: Mesa Verde was built before Bent's fort. .At Mesa Verde the indians only traded with indians.
Similarities are that indians went to both places and traded goods and services.
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