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Skeletal System

No description

megan israels

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Skeletal System

Skeletal System By: Megan, Natasha, and Skye Overall Function The skeletal system has multiple functions. The functions of the skeletal system would include that it creates the shape and form of our bodies. The skeletal system not only supports us but also protects us, allows our bodies to move, produce blood for the body, and stores minerals. http://www.mnsu.edu/emuseum/biology/humananatomy/skeletal/skeletalsystem.html Organs and Functions The skeletal system is made up of organs. the organs in the skeletal system are the bones bone marrow and the bone tissue. A few important bones include the skull which protects the brain. Another important Bone is the femur the femur is a bone, the femur is one of the longest bones in our body and holds most of our body weight. http://dmturner.org/teacher/library/5thtext/skelpart1.html How your skeletal system relies on three other systems. http://www.medical-look.com/human_anatomy/systems/lymphatic_systems.html http://www.medical-look.com/humananatomy/systems/muscular_systems.html There are three systems that the skeletal system relies on. One system that the skeletal system relies on is the nervous system, because it tells or triggers on and off buttons in the brain telling which bones to bend or move and when. Another system would be the muscular system because the muscles work with the bones to help lift, move, etc. with out muscles we wouldnt have much ability besides having a structure. A final system is the lymphatic system because it deals a lot with joints and joint pains which is where two bonnes connect and where the body willl be able to move from. http://www.drstandley.com/bodysystems_skeletal.shtml How three other body systems rely on the skeletal system. There is also some systems that rely on the skeletal system. One of these systems would be the nervous system, because nerves may cause or need bones to be active.Another system would be the lymphatic because joints are in your bones. A third system would be the muscular because muscles are formed to help support the bones and bones are needed to make muscles have a use.
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