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R. Heinlein's, "All You Zombies," posted


John W. Carroll

on 12 January 2018

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Transcript of R. Heinlein's, "All You Zombies," posted

"All You Zombies" Timeline
22:17 Nov 7, 1970
New York, New York
Unmarried Mother begins telling his story to Barkeep.
23:00 Nov 7, 1970
New York, New York
Barkeep and Unmarried Mother use time machine.
10:30 Apr 3, 1963
Cleveland, Ohio
Barkeep and Unmarried Mother arrive. Barkeep gives Unmarried Mother a wad of $100 bills to find Baby Jane's father. Barkeep uses time machine.
17:00 Mar 10, 1964
Cleveland, Ohio
Barkeep arrives. Barkeep goes to hospital and steals Baby Jane. Barkeep and Baby Jane go into time machine.
01:00 Sept 20, 1945
Cleveland, Ohio
Barkeep and Baby Jane arrive. Barkeep leaves Baby Jane at orphanage, then gets into time machine.
22:00 Apr 24, 1963
Cleveland, Ohio
Barkeep arrives. Barkeep picks up Unmarried Mother; they get into time machine.
23:00 Aug 12, 1985
Sub Rockies Base
Barkeep and Unmarried Mother arrive at military base. Barkeep leaves Unmarried Mother with the military as an incoming recruit, then goes back into time machine.
23:01 Nov 7, 1970
New York, New York
Barkeep arrives at bar. Barkeep leaves a note to say he is going on an extended vacation, then gets in time machine.
22:00 Jan 12, 1993
Sub Rockies Annex
Barkeep arrives at military base. Barkeep reports for duty; goes on living his life.
Mid Apr, 1963
Cleveland, Ohio
Unmarried Mother meets Adult Jane, and impregnates her.
Early Mar, 1964
Cleveland, Ohio
Baby Jane is born.
= Time Travel

by Jacob Brennan
Heinlein, Robert A. "All You Zombies." French, Peter A. and Curtis Brown, eds. Puzzles, Paradoxes, and Problems: A Reader for Introductory Philosophy. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1987. pp. 212-221.
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