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No More Strict Gun

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of No More Strict Gun

No More Strict Gun Control Laws

We should have no more gun control!
By: Anastasia Tsagris, Anthony Powell, Sarah Douglas, Joey Strickling, and Emmi Owens.
Gun Control
Don't ignore the second
amendment. We have the right
to defend ourselves.
Supporting the other side
If there was no guns, then less people will di. The criminals will not get ahold of the gun, and less crimes will occur. Also, if someone owns a gun,then they should take classes before they usit.
Carrying a Gun
You should be able to carry a gun because many people use it for
self-defense and protection.
Some people use guns for hobbies, such as hunting.
Some people like to hunt for food.
The Second Amendment
The second Amendment states that people have the right to bear arms. If criminals want guns, they will try their best to get them. So we need to defend ourselves.
You cannot blame guns for killing people. Guns do not kill them, people do.
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