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Bryant cervantes

No description

Yorba Student

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Bryant cervantes

Mercury is the closest plant to the sun
Mercury is named for the Roman messenger to the gods
Mercury is the most cratered planet in the Solar System
the suns core can reach about 15 million degrees

one million earths can fit in the sun
the sun is 149,600,000 km from earth
the sun
Venus is the second brightest object in the night sk
Atmospheric pressure on Venus is 92 times greater than the Earth’s
Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system
earth is home to plants,amimals and humans
The Earth was once believed to be the centre of the universe
earth is the only planet not named after a god
Mars has the largest dust storms in the solar system
Only 16 missions to Mars have been successful.
On Mars the Sun appears about half the size as it does on Earth
the inner planets
the astoriode belt seperates the inner and the outer
Jupiter’s moon Ganymede is the largest moon in the solar system
The ancient Babylonians were the first to record their sightings of Jupiter
The Great Red Spot is a huge storm on JupiterThe Great Red Spot is a huge storm on Jupiter
Saturn has 150 moons and smaller moonlets
Saturn orbits the Sun once every 29.4 Earth years
Saturn can be seen with the naked eye

Uranus’ moons are named after characters created by William Shakespeare and Alaxander Pope
Only one spacecraft has flown by Uranus
Uranus was officially discovered by Sir William Herschel in 1781
Neptune has 14 moons
Neptune makes one trip around the Sun every 164.8 Earth years
Only one spacecraft has flown by Neptune
The outer planets
Pluto is a dwarf planet
Pluto is named after the Greek god of the underworld
im lonely
Pluto is smaller than a number of moons
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