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The King of Mazy May Plot diagram

No description

David Yoon

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of The King of Mazy May Plot diagram

Walt's mother died and his father
and him moved to Mazy May Creek.
Walt's father leaves him to take care of their land and Loren Hall's land.
Si Hartman and George Lukens lost
their claims.
Walt overhears stampeders planning to jump Loren's clam
Walt steals the stamperder's
dof sled and ten dogs.
The Irishman hangs onto the sled with
one hand, holding on until Walt whips his knuckles
The Walt shoot at Will
A bullet strikes Walt’s lead
dog, so Walt needs to stop to
rearrange the dogs.
Walt whips the faces of the enemies
chasing him.
Walt caught up to the
camp of Loren Hall in at
Swede Creek

Walt runs into Loren Hall
Loren Hall records his claim
in the Gold Commissioner's
Walt is named the King of
Mazy May for his heroic
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