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No description

Kurt Reinhardt

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Detective

Detectives investigate crimes and try to solve them based on the evidence they collect.
Detectives need good judgement so they can figure out the best way to solve problems quickly. Also, they need leadership skills so they are ready for people to look to them for assistance.
Detectives have many duties such as:
Investigate crimes
Collect evidence of crimes
Observe the activities of suspects
Conduct interviews with suspects and witnesses
Arrest suspects
Write detailed reports and fill out forms
Prepare cases and testify in court

The specialty area that I would prefer to be in would be a police department detective.
There are about 119,000 people employed as detectives.
I would like to be a detective because I want to help people and make our society safe. I like to solve problems and investigate things so I think I would fit this job.
Detectives face many challenges when doing their job. It can be stressful and dangerous as well as have a toll on your well being. You got to be on constant alert and ready to face threatening situations. What I don't like about detectives is they have a higher rate of injuries which is not good for your body.
Detectives usually work full time and do shift work around the clock. More experienced employees get preference for their work schedule while junior officers work weekends, holidays, and nights.
How to Become a Detective
The lowest 10% make less than $32,440 per year.
The median wage for a detective is $68,820 per year.
The highest 10% makes more than $88,870 per year.

The pay is important to me because
I need enough to be able to maintain my life
like food, a home, and other necessary things.
The detective field is growing but at a slow rate. It is expected to grow 7%.Job opportunities can vary due to budget cuts as well as local departments facing high turnover rates.
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