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Copy of The Food Truck Initiative.

A concept.

salma bouzid

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of The Food Truck Initiative.

The Food Truck Initiative The ideal of a
gastronomical, flexible canteen Our process Rapid service Marketing Plan
A gastronomical concept Badra Ines Bouzid Selma Garnaoui Feriel Soussi Nadia Kouskoussi
Fedi Detect a market need, a need for adaptability Make it our main focus And visualise our options A simple idea,
pushed to it's limits The Concept The Menu Financing Outline : The Concept The Process The Menu Marketing analysis and plan Financing Wheel
Meal It's the real deal
Total Sales for the year 2013 : 180 900 dinars
Estimated net income : 900 dinars
Total sales for the second year : 200 000
Estimated net income : 10 000 dinars . Funding : : Bank loan (BH): 60% 108 000 dinars

Third party investors
30 000 dinars

Sponsors : 12 000

Costs Sales forecast Market analysis Planning our expansion Economic Outlook Costumer
Profile Competitive
Analysis Objectives Strategies Strong presence in our targeted markets. Advertise a large selection of products. Establish local supply connections. Social online networking via:
Website presence.
Search engine referencing. Viral Marketing with techniques such as flash mobs. Tunisian meals people are familiar with ... Coupled with International innovative food. The Experience
Summarized Taste Affordable Food Kouskoussi
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