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Digital Marketing Lesson 1

adestra template v1

Parry Malm

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Digital Marketing Lesson 1

Can I borrow £9bn?
The Future of Digital

Send out an email
Buy something from me. My stuff is so awesome this year, you have to believe me. I'm going to send you 100 emails over the next 3 months to prove this to you.
Tweet something.
I know that there's only a 1/100 chance you'll see this tweet, as you're too busy reading Bieber's latest bullshit. But whatever. Our products are great, and we're not sure what to do on Twitter other than say how awesome it is. Will you buy one please?
Do it again.
Our email open rate was only 18%. Yo, other 82%,what gives? I'll tell you what, I'll try again, and do the exact same thing as I did before. Surely it will work this time right? For sure.
Year ends.
Numbers are OK, and you get rat-arsed at the Christmas party. Sweet!
Marketing 2014
Pre-market with content-led CA targeting
Upload your prospect list to a Custom Audience in LiveIntent and Facebook, and Tailored Audience in Twitter. Bid hard on CPM - you're generating awareness here.
Send out a number of sales emails
Now that you've piqued interest and gotten attention... it's the right time to ask for action. Test out 5 subject lines, auto-send the winner, and then do a re-send to non-openers 2 days later.

All this should take no more than 10 clicks.
Re-market using CAs.
Have people bought? Upsell and cross them via CAs.

Did only 18% of people open your email? Re-target noon-openers with hard sales creatives via CAs.

The year ends.
You don't go to the Christmas party, because your year was so big, you instead light a cigar with a £100 note and bathe in Siberian tiger blood. Who needs a free drink when you're rich?!?
Marketing 2015
What really is Digital Marketing?
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