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Smartphone Application Impacts on Hospitality Industry

Global Issue - group

Li Xiaolin

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Smartphone Application Impacts on Hospitality Industry

Smartphone Application Impacts on
Hospitality Industry

HMG 6257 Contemporary Global Issues in Hospitality and Tourism Course ID 89375, Section B51
Impact on Industry
Thank You !

Trend & Future
Your Opinions

Group 5

Xiaolin Li 3634958
Hui Lan 3635007
Xinying Song 3578165
Huilong Xiao 3635600
Tianyu Jiang 4885008

1. Introduction
1. Introduction


3.Trend & Future

2. Impacts on
Hospitality Industry

Security issue

prohibit “phishing”– trick a recipient into revealing personal information.

Prohibit an unauthorized person from knowingly installing or providing software that performs certain functions.

Require operators of commercial web sites or online services that collect personal information on California residents through a web site to conspicuously post a privacy policy on the site and to comply with its policy.

Apply to state government agencies.

Source: http://oag.ca.gov/privacy/privacy-laws

If the application hangs or goes down, what is the backup?

What if the hotel security is compromised?

if the receiver on the hotel suite lock refuses to pair with
a person's smartphone?

Source: http://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/features/how-smartphones-and-tablets-are-changing-the-hospitality-industry-494162

40% of all hotel reservations are made online
47% of all users begin making up their travel plans by using their smartphones
60% use smartphone to view hotel image galleries
56% of them to post hotel information on social media site
40% of them to read comments about the hotel they are interested in

Source: http://blog.hotelrunner.com/2013/06/23/impact-of-smartphones-on-hotel-reservations
Increase Potential Guests

Efficiency & Satisfaction
Cons & Pros
Enhance customers satisfaction

Customer relationship management
Easy payment options
Human interaction
Self - help

Classic way – using a loyalty card
technology – using loyalty applications for smartphones

Available for IOS & Android devices

Choose from over 100,000 hotels worldwide
Touch the map screen to search specific location
See 360 degree and full-screen hotel photos
Know amenities and promotions
Check available rooms and common rates
Save favorite hotels to revisit
Compare hotel locations with built-in maps
Easy and secure booking
Efficiency - benefits of hotel guest

Value add offering to earn business
Help promote outlets (restaurants, spa, etc)
Drive revenue (local area partners pay for exposure inside application
Source: O’Rourke hospitality Marketing 2013
Agenda info on Smartphone
Reduce printing costs (green initiative).
Easily connect with everyone at the conference.
Have easy access to post event content.
Carry less folders, papers, etc.

Efficiency - benefits of hotel employee

Source: X Cube Lab
Hotel Apps futures

The Office Away from The Office - APP OPERA

1. Device and entertainment autonomy
2. Service Automation
3. Meeting space go high tech
4. Mobile-based Check-in/out
5. The office away from the office
Trends of Application in Hospitality
Source:PhoCusWright’s US Mobile Travel Report: Market sizing and Consumer Trends

US mobile travel bookings to top US $25billion by 2014

source: http://hmghotelsblog.com /2013/10/07/traveler-habits-trends-2013-smartphones-tablets-apple/

43% of smartphone users in the United States said they had
a travel app

30% of those surveyed said they had at least two travel apps
downloaded on their smartphone.


Source : Travel Weekly 2013

2013 is certainly the year in which Smartphones and tablets are impacting very much on travel.
Ensuring that travelers can be connected at all times and access relevant information is absolutely crucial. Connectedness and responding to traveller needs in real time is essential in tourism.


Source http://modernwhole.com/resources/smartphones-most-common-starting-place-for-online-activities/#.VEESkYvF9bo

Smartphones are the most frequent companion devices during simultaneous usage


Smartphones are the most common starting place for online activities

Source: http://hotelexecutive.com/business review/2874/mobile-technologies-and-the-hospitality-industry-creating-a-mobile-strategy

82% of US adults owning a cell phone
31% were classified as a smartphone
25% of Americans rely on a mobile device to access the Internet
79% of smartphone users use their phone for shopping
74% of those shoppers make a purchase as a result of smartphone searching.


Pocket Staff
Smartphone Room Keys
Apple Pay
SOURCE: http://ehotelier.com/news/2014/09/09/manage-your-staff-with-the-pocketstaff-system

Pocket Staff

Traditional metal room keys

High-tech credit-card-style room keys


Safe & reliable

Cost effective

Replace room keys with smartphone

Source: http://arstechnica.com/apple/2014/09/why-apple-pay-could-succeed-where-others-have-had-underwhelming-results/

Apple Pay

Soource: http://www.hotelnewsnow.com

Source: http://www.ehma.com

Source: http://www.ehma.com


Choose your Room


Choose Room Types

Hotel Reservation

Telephone booking

Future Booking Model

Transitional Service Model

Traditional Booking Model
Source: http://tech.meadin.com/xph/107723_1.shtml

Future Service Service Model

Front Desk
House Keeping
Source: http://tech.meadin.com/xph/107723_1.shtml

Source: http://www.ehma.com/img/events/University%20Day.pdf

date collection

App key

Reservation App

Efficiency - benefits of hotel

Source: O’Rourke hospitality Marketing 2013
Source: O’Rourke hospitality Marketing 2013
Source: Philip Reed 2013
Source: Philip Reed 2013
Travel app

Mobile Valet
App Menu

Device and Entertainment autonomy
Virtual Bookings
Free Wi-Fi
Role of Social Media
45% with two devices
40% with three or more devices
SOURCE: http://hospitalitytechnology.edgl.com/news/Top-5-Trends-in-Hotel-Technology-89637
3 Reasons for Applications Development
1. BOYD-Bring Your Own Device - Wifi 45% 40% 50 BILLION
- Physical Support.

2.NFC - Near Field Communication
- Technological Support

3. Millennials - 50% hotel booking -Changing the face , 75% smartphone.
-Demographic Support
Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/11/19/business/millennials-the-new-face-of-business-travel/

Future Features of Smartphone Applications
1. Keyless key check - Starwood
2. Mobile Concierge - Hilton
3. Meeting Organizer- Marriott
Source: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/conrad-concierge-for-ipad/id566864327?mt=8

SOURCE: http://hospitalitytechnology.edgl.com/news/Top-5-Trends-in-Hotel-Technology-89637
SOURCE: http://hospitalitytechnology.edgl.com/news/Top-5-Trends-in-Hotel-Technology-89637
SOURCE: http://hospitalitytechnology.edgl.com/news/Top-5-Trends-in-Hotel-Technology-89637
1. Use Friendly
5.Easy Connection
three example:
The Office Away from The Office - APP OPERA

Enhance customers satisfaction - Mobile Loyalty Apps

Enhance customers satisfaction

The California online privacy law

Nude Picture Scandal, 2014
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