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People and Government


Stephen Barnes

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of People and Government

People and Government
Principles of Govt.
- A state is an area that has a definite territory and an organized govt.
-Every state has
- Population - people
- Territory - area
- Sovereignty - power
- Government
Theories of Origin
- Evolutionary - govt. evolved from the family (Abraham)
- Force - people were brought together by a force
- Divine right - ruler are chosen by gods
- Social Contract
John Locke
- expanded on Thomas Hobbe's Social Contract
-"people are naturally endowed with the right of life, liberty, and property"
-when govt. doesn't serve the people, the people can break the contract

Purposes of Government
-Maintaing Social Order
-Providing Public Services
-Providing National Security
-Making Economic Decisions
Government Systems
- Unitary System - all powers to central govt.
- Federal System - divides the power between national and state govt.
-incomplete guides
-a statement of goals
-a framework of govt.
-the highest law
Politics and Govt. - Why?
- people seek govt. benefits
-peaceful way to settle differences
-special interests
Types of Govt.
1. Autocracy - ruled by one
2. Oligarchy - ruled by a few
3. Democracy - ruled by many
Characteristics of Democracy
1. Individual Liberty
2. Majority Rule with Minority Rights
3. Free Elections
4. Competing Political Parties
The Soil of Democracy
1. Active Citizen Participarion
2. A Favorable economy
3. Widespread education
4. strong civil society
5. a social consensus
Economic Theories
1. Capitalism
2. Socialism
3. Communism
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