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Web 2 and Connectivist Learning

This is my slide deck for our first class session on Web 2.0 & Connectivist Learning

Carl Anderson

on 19 July 2011

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Transcript of Web 2 and Connectivist Learning

Web 2.0 + Connectivist Learning Before we begin our adventure together I think we should stop
and consider three competing philosophies of education and how
they may have an effect on the work we do as we move forward. Instructionalist Constructivist Social Construction What is a Personal Learning Network? Personal learning networks are not new. They have been around for as long as people have had social interactions with each other. Personal learning networks are not unique to the internet. But, the internet and web 2.0 tools amplify our abilities and increase the number of ways people can connect and network. Digital Network technologies
amplify our social relationships
and strengthen our cerebral
connection to each other. Essentially, today we learn as a group, as a network. This is connectivism. So, what impact does this have on our organizations and institutes of learning? What questions does this raise for you?

What other human ventures have been impacted by this?

Is networking and networked learning good for us?

How can we invert this hierarchy without destroying our organizations? "Talk amongst yourselves." What does your personal learning network look like? Who do you share information with?

Where do you get information?

What is the relationship between you and

others on this network? And they offer new ways to learn from other people. School is a social technology. Web 2.0 & social media are social technologies. This is not the new global classroom: This is. You are invited to continue this discussion with us. http://connectivistlearning.pbworks.com/
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