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Three Little Pigs

No description

Ray Stevens

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Three Little Pigs

Joel Pig
Dylan Pig
Adrian Pig The second little pig, Joel, decided to build his house out of steel. Oh what a grand house it was too. Dylan, the third little pig thought long and hard and decided to build his house out of recycled materials. THE THREE LITTLE PIGS Once upon a time there were three little pigs. One called Joel, one called Dylan and one called Adrian The three little pigs lived at home. They deiced to move out and build their own homes. Adrian the first little pig decided to build his house out of straw. As it was quick and easy. One day the three little pigs were all happily at home when there was a knock on their doors. The first door to be knocked on was the house belonging to Adrian pig. It was a wolf who told Adrian that his house was not environmentally friendly. He used his bulldozer and knocked Adrian's house down. Adrian ran to his brother Joel's house. Soon there was a knock on Joel Pigs door! Arrrrh screamed the two little pigs as they saw the wolf outside with his bulldozer! Before they knew it he had crushed Joel's house too. The wolf yelled, your house is not environmentally friendly! The two little pigs escaped out the back door and ran to their brothers house. The three little pigs were all hiding under Dylan Pigs bed when the wolf arrived in his bulldozer. Dylan had made his house out of used coke bottles. The wolf got out and knocked on the door. Dylan Pig answered and the wolf handed him an award for having an environmentally friendly house and drove away. Phew the three little pigs were safe.
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