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Strasburg Brewing:

No description

Satomi Katsuta

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Strasburg Brewing:

Strasburg Brewing:
exporting microbrews to Asia
Group 4 : Anny Ma, Vicky Hu, Mali, Jimmy, Sally Katsuta
1. Introduction
2. Question 1 - 5
3. Discussion
Company : Strasburg Brewing
Location: Sydney
Manufacture & Marketer of a boutique beer
Private owned company
Products : range of beers
→since 2004

Hong Kong Market
To grow the brand through overseas expansion
focus on their resources-high quality
To focus on East Asia, especially Hong Kong
Targeting Chinese customers( their importance is in quality, taste, image and strong brand loyalty

Is overseas expansion an option that Strasburgs should be considering? Why not just stay at home like other Australian microbrewers?
Microbrewers have been famous in many East Asia
Hong Kong- drink many imported beers
The same bottle size as AUS
HKG govt abolish 30% tax on beer

Strong competitors
Culture difference
Low budged for promotion
Limited distribution
Little knowledge about HKG business culture(new to HKG market)
Cant speak Cantonese

Discussion 1
Now, do you think Strasburg should enter Hong Kong Market? Why or why not?

How should they go about finding a distribution partner in the Hong Kong market ??
Special Administrative Region of China (SAR), on the southern coast of China- 22% of the world population
Alcohol plays a big part in Hong Kong life
beers made by microbrewers- popular
Boutique Beer from microbrews
Microbrewery is a brewery which produces a limited amount of beer
can produce original taste of beer
Hong Kong Market ??
Should they enter the
Strasburg Brewing
Small to medium sized company
No experience ( new to HKG market )
No financial, marketing resources, expertise
What should they ( or more specially Gato Marketing) say when approaching the potential partner?
Is distributing the brand directly to retail outlets an option that the Strasburgs should consider?
Need local distributor !!!!
establish channel
branding, positioning
find their fast customers
Gato Marketing
Small Marketing Consultancy
in Hong Kong
Advice 1:
change " German-Style beer " to "Australian Style beer"
Advice 2:
Launch the brand in the HKG market
participant 2 events
with promotional flyers
cardboard coasters
Annual Lan Kwai Fong Beerfest
Annual Hong Kong Oktoberfest celebration
Distributing the brand directly to retail outlets??
Bars and restaurant - Hong Kong residents buy most of their beer at bars and restaurants, rather than in retail outlets like supermarkets and liquor stores.

The Fact...
Establish distribution in
Bars and restaurants
microbrew bars and microbreweries are expanding !!
The fact...
in Australia
Cold-filtered larger
produced by high quality of ingredients
no additives or preservatives
perfect with fine food
Outline the fundamentals of an alternative strategy for Strasburg and Strasburg Life in Hong Kong market which designed to gain brand exposure, build brand awareness, and encourage product trial planned by the Strasburg's and Gato Marketing?

Lau Kwai Fong Beerfest
Fundamentals of communication strategy
1. There are not much advertising, but having a “mass” presence at the two beer event, being stocked by many bars and restaurants, and promotes with English. Because:

Lack of resource
Focus on the premium market
Limited budget
With those communication strategies, it will be easy reach the target market, and let consumer impressive, most importantly, it save the cost with less advertising.

Reason 2 :
Reason 3:
Helping Strasburg Brewing expand market in HK, gain brand exposure, build brand awareness, and encourage product trial.

Is is a mistake not to produce any of the marketing communications for the HKG market in Chinese?
That could be strengths!!
Beer from Australia, export products
target market is premium, can make good profits
Differenciate the product from other same category products
New and attractive

No, Its mistake!!
should have marketing communications in Chinese
many people from China Mainland go to Hong Kong for shopping
Promote in Chinese, more people know, makes more money

Our Opinion

They should use Chinese for market communication with their target customers, but using the same ads
Visit the websites for Redoak Brewery, Fusion Brewery and one other Australian microbrewery..
conduct a brief audit of the marketing communications on each of these sites.
These brands were to 'go international'?
Australian microbrewery
Individual boutique beer café
Beer club membership
Online order taken
Beerstore designation
Oversea beer agent

Go International
Macro environment analysis
S.W.O.T analysis
Segmentation & Targeting & Positioning
Marketing strategy
Marketing mix/4ps

Strasburg Brewing should enter to Hong Kong Market
Thank you for listening!
Standardize or adapt ??
(Chapter 5 : Understanding international customers)
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